Le Pen, death of EU, birth of True Democratic Micro-Euro-Nations


If she wins & sorts a #Frexit, the EU is done for. 
NATO and the western big weapons corps will not be pleased and will do a jew #FOOTSTOMP tantee with more Psy-Op terror campaigns etc.
Dominos will fall and fanatical extreme r/wingers will be THE biggest Euro threat, esp., to M-E immigrants etc.
But also to all I’nat agreements & trade/travel.
I think Holland’s Wilders is too far r/w and will make more trouble than useful ‘new direction’ advances.
So all Europeans wanting out of the EU must become active politically to ensure Democratic control of new agendas in each nation are established to avoid more centrist extreme r/w fascist mad fucks don’t try being little Caesar’s across the continent.
But., within any dissolved EU/renewed Europe , Le Penne MUST from right now, ensure her ‘collegues’ with similar views on their own nations and the death of the elitist EU have solid well researched arrangements for 1, their having a People-organised and led bastion of defense, down to every weapons-maker’s factory/warehouse etc, Work Force onside to strike once big weapons starts to respond with war-talk, etc.
Such a Europe-wide “Peoples’ Union” (he he) is the 1st essential to secure a successful and sustained new, devolved Eurooean Confederation.
But, intra-nationally, this surely signals the time is right to restructure the archaic and also dysfunctional models of “nations”?
Even as they are, with as many peeps as they have, Euro and most nations now are too big for Democracy to avoid centrist corruption, so as-with the USA, we all have to decentralize down to as Local a govt as peeps discern as most economical and logistically wise.
10,000 MICRO-Nations GLOBAL! 
Away from illogical outdated nations too large to be Democratic!
“Provincial” Micro-Nations for France.
“Principalities” (less the ‘regal’ and usually aloof mad ‘princes’) for Italy, etc etc.
True LOCAL Democracy, of, by & for the People.