Internet being censored by big ‘netmedia corps in reply to dead TPP etc

 Being something of a Journalistic Dissident, I’m regularly “pilloried” by pro-establaaashment mainsreamers, whether Aussie zombies or foreign.

      As expected, when any being becomes terminally-diseased and enters the death-throws stage,  involuntary nervous reactions “kick-in”.

      Irrationality typically takes over usual non-autonomius thinking and nervous activity.

      So across mainstream fields, these  “end-of-days” jerks start to take control of all establaaashment instrumentalies, etc.

      No less of course on our world’s best ever mass-communication medium – the internet.

      Most even half-bright sparks now, auto-assume distrust of MSM, as most even half-skeptical Semi-Dissenters online do/must.

      Either irony, half-in half-out (law) allegiance, or a simple error by goguggle censorship staff yesterday saw a “juicy” item on goguggle news on WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange putting us straight on how “naughty” regards “free speech”, “Glugluggle” really is.

      My laptop’s either died for a fall or for being hack-&-crashed. But on cellphone, with gluggle’s forced update to see my posted photos on G+, one at least of my JUST DEFIANCE memes cannot be found where it long sat in my “photos” collection pages.

      It  may be there. But experience and subtle mind perception tells me the reptilians of ha ha, ANY of the establaaaashment bribery-cartels have “redacted” it.

      As much purely because they think they’re evil and also intelligent. Ha. Ha.

      For posterity, while “evil” is part and parcel of at least this illusory realm, merely the necessary opposite of a perception called ” good”, same as “light and dark”, “Yin & Yang”, mostly those who fall, run or are hypnotized,  forced or bribed to “be eeeevil” (he he he he), have been entranced to lose their intellectual faculties, so fail to simply know that its mainly immature, ignorance, and deadly to themselves, long term.

      To Peeps who can and DO actually think, by accessing the section of their/our nervous,  mental hardware, it’s “self-evident” that “being evil” is not healthy for one and all.

      That tho’, requires, nay demands maximal self-control.

      That, requires more than ever use of the highest-most mental facility of the mammalian brain and the inherent intellect.

      Dissociation from about all western culture is imperative then. 

      Tough,  but the fastest road out of Hell.

      If my own “thought-meme” has been ILLEGALLY DELETED, it may indicate how all guggle users will be mistreated as the global establaaashment gets more pathetic in its INEVITABLE DOWNFALL.

      So, without my visual-effect background, humorously the meme applies well to the imploding establaaashment:


      As for their insane censorshiping of our medium, the big netcorp mobsters will have be avoided from now on.

      How secure WordPress is, and remains, for this Dissenter, I guess we’ll see soon enough?

      So from now, it’s “bye glugluggle!” And “hi I’m back…” to WordPress.