“Lemon Laws”, autos, & planned obsolescence

Lemon laws for dodgy cars is the link to today’s article on ABC (for mobile, strangely?) which addresses that ridiculous need, because auto makers, and most corporations now, cannot produce quality products which are not designed, basically, to fail the buyer, as is the actual case with big corp including their pernicious “planned obsolescence” into their vehicles.

Peeps in media, motoring groups &  authority need 1st go to the underlying FACT of “PLANNED OBSOLESCENCE” or “PO”, before trying by making more laws, to enable product buyers to buy things of quality, rather than disgustingly bad items..

There’s no justifiable reason for makers to be making products (autos) which are not reliable, after over 100 years of brilliant engineering, etc.

“PO” is ruining so many lives AND our habitat, for the few big corp profiteers.

Better call ABC’s 4 Corners!

ABC’s “Four Corners”