160903 Capitalism demands denial of moral behavior

160903 E-SSAY – Capitalism demands denial of moral behavior

The very nature of capitalism is to beat all a companies opposition.

It only takes one company in a field, in a market, to adopt immoral practices in that venture of beating others, for the rest to necessarily adopt as low a moral position as the 1st.

So capitalism becomes, obv.., has long ago become, a war to destroy all opponents.

One of the Human specie’s greatest “shames” is the fact that so many of us, are ignorant of that basic flaw in capitalism.

For it should be seen, that that “rubric” back of how we go about making a buck, and making products for sale, and growing a company to super-profit status, etc., will, and has no option but to, destroy the whole kit-and-kaboodle. The whole industry and market, and, the consumers, are eventually destroyed by that basic tenet of making money in unregulated thus immoral marketplaces.

Anyone notice that the whole of our species, after thousands of years gestation of “cRapitalism”, is now on the brink of self-extinction?

Indeed, many believe that a superior “reptilian race” has long controlled us, and are who or what is back of this specie’s “extermination by cRapitalism”.

I’m undecided on that postulation.

But, if so or not, clearly too many in our corporate executive arenas, are not employing their higher moral minds to know what and how limits must be placed on everything they do in life.

Especially, in commerce. For without that higher mindedness, which does not ignore morality and the requisite need for as high an Ethical Stand point as is known, the only possible end game for all small and large commercial ventures, is war.

And, war until there are no survivors.


Once, many moons ago, even “war” between Tribes was constrained within certain laws.

Probably on a wise acknowledgement by all “sides”, by all Tribes, that even if they had differing Customs and Traditions,

1, it was Proper to not eliminate another Tribe, and

2, that they were as much a part of the larger play, so, while they did play within tolerable and sane rules, they should be allowed to remain in existence.

And 3, that they too, were a necessary neighbor, in the end.

“Balance of power” perhaps being just one fair reason?

Clearly, the cRapitalism we know today, is replete with executive-psychoses, or corporomania where the fight to beat opponents, and to just survive, from the personal employment and income issues through to a global corporation staying in business, are such that the very last thing entertained, is morality.

In my REALPolitik and Pro-Green Journalism, and for my alleged fearless publishing of thoughts on news articles, mainly those which report on or address issues which do include morality, as REALPolitik and GREENPolitic have their bases in Moral and Ethical behavior, I get the most immoral attacks online, and via any other semi-effective means, from locals knowing my opinions, or my analyses of their ways of living – mostly 95% free of morals – so deploying their filthy witch projections my way when I go shopping, etc., to big corp executives and other spoiled psycho brats flying down-under, to eyeball and hex my workshop, my bush retreat, my vehicle or my pitiful body.

But most of the online projections come from big corp employees.
Google, possibly the biggest bitch.

But, still I detect that MONSANTOSIS executives are sending their corporomania down my way.

From this morning’s assaults from Google, I see good cause to rename Google “Googliath”, in reference to the biblical monster Goliath and it’s “one-eyed” 3rd eye reptilian-brain threat to the ancient Hebrew Peeps.

For Googliath’s techie geek employees are stupidly assuming the right to do immoral down the wires, (or down the wireless…,) at anyone they have not the intellect, for having not the mammalian brain higher mindedness to understand what a Philosophical REALPolitik Thinker is Reasoning.

I opened a WordPress blog account a few years ago.

Sadly, I was unable to even type into the “post” window, for then unexplainable reasons, which I now can explain, so abandoned WordPress and returned reluctantly, to Googliath, to post my REALPolitik thoughts on the Googliath-Plus pages.

But, Google is insane in it’s capitalist want to “owwwn” us.

So after two years, having blocked over 600 trolls and shills on G+, many I have NO DOUBT, work for Googliath themselves, I’ve tried to go back to WordPress to blog.

But helllowww? Things are simply not there, where they should be, like a link on my home page (www.justdfy.wordpress.com) to login with.

Other “mysterious” fails repeatedly occur too, when I go to WordPress either for a view or to write and post.

Googliath, again!

So, classic signs of cRapitalism taking over the sanity and morality of big corp, big media Googliath, in this case.

Or, in the least, a secretive employee coven of silly silly grossly-immature little thrill-seeker Googliath techie trolls, are deliberately targeting myself however they can.

And it may be seen as imperative for Googliath’s vicious and (don’t be) evil domination of online social media, especially domination of he who is so powerful (though he wants not to be!), to mess with his computer use, esp.., if it is seen that he’s FUCKIN’ SICK OF BIG Googliath MEDIA, and wants to get away from their dirty little keyboard fingering.

“Silicone Valley, California, USA”?


For any “child” to be inducted, employed in that valley, is to them, to have ”made-it!” in their mission to extract as much fun, wealth and immorality from their warped American life as possible.

“Power” is from then on, in their hands, to really fuck up some “Good-Guy’s” life.

And from what they learn from American movies, and British, from the plethora of “kill gaming” online, ”by whatever means” justifies to their piddling egoistic, selfish reptilian minds, attacking anyone who tells it like it is about CrAPITALISM, about their big corp employer psychoses, their “corporochoses“, and their own completely fassscinated mind, with it’s childlike greed of endless desires for all the wealth of the world.

As I wrote to Googliath-Plus Help yesterday, Silicone Valley is on the “tragedy list” of regions facing a vicious “demise”, for their underlying cRapitalist immorality.

Indeed, if the San Andreas tectonic faultline is “pushed” (or pulled) off the west US coast, Googliath-Plus may soon be remembered as “Glug-glugle-Minus”, representing it’s employees glugging for breath as they drown and their precious little plastic Valley of the Reptiles, sinks beneath the erupting, grey Pacific Ocean.

Some of us, while highly cognizant of the massive benefits Silicone Valley has given Humanity, may still, live in hope?

Some if us, who understand the imperative, of and for, Morality and Ethics, in everything we do.

Could the Illuminati reptiles, possibly “hear” that Truth?