CIA and Roth$$$$childs, trying to kill “democracy”

The impeachment of Brazil President Dilma Rousseff, is USA’s CIA and Roth$$$$childs, attempt to kill “democracy”, as democratic as it is.

‘Coup against democracy’: Bolivia, Venezuela & Ecuador recall ambassadors over Rousseff impeachment

Of course, most know well, that “Democracy” has been long gone from most nations’ processes.

The thing this impeachment of Dilma Rousseff might ignite in Brazil and across South, or across Latin America, is enough peeps revolting against the whole false corrupt structure we call “democracy”.

Because for at least decades, it’s never been “democracy” really.

The whole “vote” process is one of the signs and the worst aspects of any system claiming to be “democratic” but is in fact nothing but a distraction from True Land Laws used to manage the basics of all economics – Humans and how we share, occupy and most-efficiently use the land.

So, this CIA (and USA’s GOP) messing with Brazil’s processes, should be taken up by Brazilians to not merely oust the CIA puppet govt, but to force a total rethink and redesign of “Democracy”, into dropping “elections” and instituting Proper Land Laws, which are constant, and NOT corrupt.

All any Peeps need, is honest and proper management of the economic distribution and revenue laws.

No need for elections, other than for the most qualified economic managers. And that should be from the Local Council levels, as China bases it’s national govt off, with the best economically qualified councilors rising through the ranks to the national level.

But, yep, no question, China is rotten too, with corruption, from the bottom up.

Nevertheless, the system of electing unknowns to act as national leader/s, is a major load of rubbish, without verifiable, known qualifications from local to state to national levels of achievement.

Thing is also, no PROPER governmentation can be successfully put in place in any individual nation.

It MUST be of a larger (I say global) scale, to have the weight needed to counter and block the CIA type subversion, as in Libya, etc, etc.

We’re all talking now, and “borders” etc are meaningless. So why do we all stay so parochial in our totally-vulnerable enclaves, called “nations”?

No “Revolution” esp., today, has a chance of perennial success, if the “Revolutionaries” do not know AND EFFECT the True, Perennial Land laws upon which they must fund the, any.., new government, across enough regions, enough nations, to have the international economic weight to counter any attempt to subvert the corrections.

Get revenue laws correct, fight to insert them, educate the Peeps about the Rectitude of them, and the Revolution stands a much greater, indeed the Greatest chance of succeeding, and staying!

VIVA LE REVOLUTION! across South America!