Looking for REALPolitik Alt-Soc Media? Where are you?

Me; loner, 61 y/o, exiled by family, homeless and no social life for over 20 years, find out in Jan 2016 I’m bastard sin no “son” yes “sin” too, obv.., of Evelyn de Rothschild, chairman of the Bank of England, of the same dynasty which “owns” Israel, and heads zionism.

Rather shocking, what?  Explains about everything about my mad life, and the last 21 years plus of exiled homelessness and other ISHOOOOZZ.

Driven by those behind the curtain that shows this false reality called “me” into a REALPolitik stance, now for some 30 years. So, for lack of a few basics, like a weatherproof dwelling and  A MOTORBIKE, etc., I maintain my interest in those I can find online in politics, but of the larger nature of global issues.

Part of my indoctrination, from the start, has been in this direction, but only this year was I able to confirm why “they”, yeah, the big “THEY” led me into following and commenting on political affairs, from and for which, though I say so myself, I seem to have developed some “useful” levels of knowledge and interpretation, let’s say, on those biggies effecting the whole species, and thus, the whole planet.

So, as said, for lack of any social life, thus of any occupations most are engaged in or with, I maintain the political watching, and commenting, while wishing most moments to instead be smoking Cannabis and “tinkering on” and riding a nice large-ish cruiser motorcycle out country. OR, internationally, as Australia, aka “Astray-liar” is disastrously corrupted, shallow and immoral beyond any want to partake of it’s peeps worlds.

About 2  or more years ago, I dared venture onto social media, and landed on Google Plus, as I’d previously opened a gmail email account, which had G+ included.

It has to be said, it has the kind of social media page layout and ability to “interact” that suited my nubile online preferences, strange as mine are, and always have been – thanks “family”!

I’ve blocked over 600 trolls and shills attacking me with mostly unreasonable insults and accusations, and offended at least as many.  Probably seceral times more though, because I “take no shit” and hand it out when I reckon it’s deserved.

But, for my appalling lack of social “finness”, due once more to my rude upbringing, thus  my abrupt and blunt diatribe “rants” in posts and comments, lots and lots of “less toughened” folks block me to dust.

And better for them, obv..,

So, once more, poor me, all alone, and very sick of the background censorship, monitoring and hacking Google issues my Outlaw type ( nothing to do with my insanely-rich lineage, of course!), I looked tonight for social media sites with that “rebellious” or “Outlaw” flavor, for we crazies who see through the mainstream dross and prefer something less bland, soft, and generally unreal and totally-distractive news stories.

Nope.  No luck.

Got nothing, though the search was fairly short.

Tried, by a ten minute scan, Reddit, but as always, getting used to each sites’ set-up and layout, means forcing one’s eyes to “like”, etc., and after the maximal G+ Psy-Op, where Google spends billions on sussing how to best lure and keep peeps’ on their channels, Reddit maybe for the tiny pictures, didn;t “grab me”.

Aaaand, having stopped blogging on the Google-owned Blogspot page I had since about 2004, which has to be something of a record, because I could post my thinks on the G+ page more easily, my blog has gone dormant, and out of favor with myself.

Therefore, after this evening’s quick search for other sites, knowing this WordPress page was in my “me” folder, here I am.  back, perhaps to start blogging once more, but on the always preferred WordPress.

Preferred, because it’s not so mainstream, not so trite, not so “big corp” as Go Ogle is.  I hope?

However, G+, had many options, in it’s “communities”, where one could filter one’s preferences of topics into those select pages, and see them only if one felt so inclined to avoid the main steam of posts, etc.

But, now that G+ has updated itself and the “New Google Plus” is a bit yucky, if only for being unfamiliar, though it does have less options for one’s liking, I’m gonna try and free myself of it’s somewhat addictive lure, and go wandering for other places to piss peeps off on, and be left – poor me, again.  Ho hum….?

There yar!  My return to WordPress after a 2-plus year hiatus!

It seems too, that WordPress has improved it’s post-writing set-up, a bit, which makes blogging HERE more enticing!

If anyone has red this, and is of an “Alternative” perhaps REALPolitik Outlaw Journalism leaning, and could bare the thought of this DISSIDENT & DEFIANT OUTLAW puppet of the wealthiest dynasty EVER on earth, partaking on some credible social media network pages, care to let me know…?

But…, I FULLY understand if everyone thinks “SHIT NOOOO!”

I must warn…, I tend to being crude, (as per the attached picture of my ANTIPATHY towards Australia’s spies, ASIO), but perhaps adding, with an intellectually sharp club.  That, because as we Thinkers most all know, “PC” is dead, and was a drag and a danger to honesty and REALPolitiks. Thus, PC was a serious threat to the Greater Good.