In Memory of My Spiritual Father


140816 In Memory of My Spiritual Father – Dad.

Two years since His Passing.

Allan Nichols Cook-Meredith

Born: March 20th 1921

Ascended: August 16th 2012

Two years ago today, on the 16th August 2012, my Step-Father, Allan Nichols Cook-Meredith left this Earthly world, for His Proper Place in His Heaven.

To me, He lives-on, an Immortal, ascending to Higher Dimensions, if not to The Highest.

Dad, was a Practical Man. He, would see the sense in incorporating more than one purpose, into any single object, merely for the logic and efficiency.

 So, in Respectful Memory of My Father, Allan Nichols Cook Meredith, here’s my Eulogy to Him, with, two aspects.
The first, my paying my Respects to Him, He who passed-up to His Heaven two years ago today.
The second, writing on the very topic, of referring to those who have passed-on from this world.
I Respectfully ask His Spirit to Forgive me if this annoys Him.

For some years, I’ve known that my mother’s and my Ancestors, the Brayakooloong Gunai/Gurnai/Kurnai Indigenous Peoples of South-Eastern Victoria, but that all Australian Indigenous People, knew important ways and things about referring to the dead, which was basically to not mention them, by their old name, once they passed-on.

I think I recall aright, that ‘calling them up’ after they’ve died, can upset their afterlife spirit, which may be sleeping, in whatever state or condition.

And, or, doing so, can upset their spirit, and bring it back from it’s next incarnation, or from whichever next, new journey it is on, in the higher [or lower] dimensions, with possible bad reactions.

They might be that the spirit is ‘busy’ in it’s next existence, and doesn’t want to be called back, or is merely done with it’s term down here, and has other affairs and work to do, elsewhere.

“The Spirit travels on”, as some scripture tells us.

Unless there is a genuine and well deduced, or ‘well divined’ need to ‘call them up’ and back again, we can do more harm to them and to the destiny path they have been created, since the beginning, to travel and bring to it’s proper conclusion.

If we find, with Wise Counsel, that there is a Genuine, unselfish need to call them back, I’m inclined to think the Wise Aborigine knew that Proper Rituals are imperative.

In the modern world, mainly western, there’s no recognition, and thus no Respect, for the Dead, in this aspect of our, and their, Spiritual affairs.

One ignorant example of late which continues to annoy me, is the plastering in media of photographs and articles, sure, sincere all of them, of the recently passed-over American hollywood Actor, Robin Williams.

Going to almost any western mainstream media site online, one is ‘hit in the face’ sort of, with another portrait photograph of Robin, and more laments and/or memorials of him and of his brilliant acting career.

Some [without having red any of them after the 1st few days since he died], appear to infer scandal and the like. Expected today, with the trash gutter media seeming to have to win more and more ‘air’, thus more ‘hits’ from the lecherous readership.

But I’m annoyed that this seems to happen more and more now, with all ‘famous’ Folks, and not-so-famous, once they’ve passed-on.

Annoyed, for my own deductions about ironically, ‘overkill’ which usually is merely the filthy scum media cynically extracting as many potential reader hits from the dead as they can get.

But annoyed, mainly from the understanding I put, above, about the Wisdom the Indigenous know and hold to, in letting their departed ‘travel-on’, by not mentioning them after ‘death’.

In Australia, the Indigenous even give the departed a special and different name so they can talk ‘around’ them, and to not invoke their spirit from the after world, so not calling them awake again, and/or back, where they may well not want to come.

But, our chances of the western and other, utterly ignorant, sensationalist, cynical and opportunistic media, politicians, religions and perhaps most capitalizing on this habit, our military forces, of dropping the ‘pomp and ceremony’ of actually naming the deceased year after year, in their memorials?

Not! A! Chance!

A religious, would posit that doing this is right. That it keeps their memory with us, so we are more inclined to vow that “Never again!” and, “Lest We Forget” etc. That this practice keeps their fighting Spirit alive in us, so we are Courageous, as they were, in fighting and dying to save our culture or so.

Well? Perhaps so? Perhaps this practice does keep the spirits of fallen Warriors alive in us! I think it has failed to make us fearless Warriors, if that was the intention. Most in the modern mainstream western society today are selfish cowards.

But, has anyone wondered, or asked the Dead, if they want to be dragged back into this sadness? Has anyone considered whether this harms them?

Is it possible that in reality, the powers-that-be, who do demand we commemorate the fallen, want us to do this for some less-than-Honorable purpose? To accelerate our species’ disintegration, by spiritual means, perhaps?

With the exposures of all major religious and political cults of late, and of their ‘dark sides’, of pedophilia, but one darkness occupying their minds, we are right and proper to ask this type of question, methinks.

People now, in the west, are only ‘loyal’ to any cult or group, I suggest, out of fear, rather than out of respect, or any intellectual deductions as to a cult’s rectitude and merit. Part of being inducted into any large cult, is to not speak out against it. So, how many know the shady sides and practices of the most powerful, and stay mute?

Questions, questions?

As the modern world’s cultural influences, the religions, politicians, monarchies, plutocrats and oligarchs are so secretive about their plans, we’re left to assume there is still mostly good in them.

But if so, we must also assume they do not have a clue about these fundamental Ritual Respects for the Dead. Therefore, we must also assume that they cannot know the damage to all realms that they do, in their loose, especially in trash media, reminding us of the departed.

Having the Respect I do for Indigenous Wisdom, like on this business, I’d guess that the constant and erroneous calling back of the spirits of the departed from the spiritual worlds, could be having a significant influence on things ‘down here’.

Usually, and as even saying the names of the deceased is done with absolutely NO Respect or Wisdom in these affairs, so readily in shallow, insignificant chatter, and/or merely to capitalize on the deceased person’s fame, as-per trash media, by unwise fools, means the reference to a “dearly departed’ or, not so dearly, may well so anger the spirit ‘over there’ that they do come back, and WITH VENOM!

Disrespectful fools too eager to abuse language and memories of passed People, may be causing themselves, but the larger, wider world, immense damage, by calling out a Dead One’s name, even just whispering it, without Genuinely Good, Sound, Wise Need, and, without the Proper Ritual.

Another problem caused by ‘calling up’ passed Spirits, I estimate, could be that in so doing, we are ‘splitting’ that spirit, in two, with one part of them remaining in their next embodiment, or realm, whether or not they’ve transcended earth life, necessary for them to continue their path and destined work, or play, etc, but with the part of them which, however, ‘hears’ our call, and is by mere mention of their name, drawn back.

This, I guess again, may be due to the very existence of a spirit being integral with it’s name. The two are never separated. Or something. When the name is spoken again, that vocal act is calling back the spirit. But not where that spirit is meant to be.

So, all variations of annoyed spirits can be drawn back to this realm.

As such occurrences are of the mind, in that our words and names are mental, calling up passed spirits could be calling that spirit back into one’s own head, into one’s own mind.

This, may be directly related to why some of us go mad?

Indeed, if a departed Spirit is repeatedly pictured on the front pages of media, so re-lodging the memory of them into everyone who even just glances at the picture, it may well be that we are being given some sinister and massive dose of mass-haunting, from beyond the grave?

Thinking about this opens the possibilities of the practice being horribly bad for us, but more, horribly bad for the deceased’s spirit.

Because such ‘uncalled-for’ repetitive re-membering, is as likely to be splitting that spirit into as many minds as are re-shown their image. So much for re-releasing old movies!

Also, the mainstream shrinks, the psychologists and psychiatrists, et al, classify a condition of a person having a ‘split personality’, as schizophrenia. Is this what’s actually happening?

The results, of disrespectful calling up of deceased spirits, might well be part of the chaos and insane behaviors we see in people, in animals and in events. Weather events also.

So, I even ask myself if it’s Proper for me, to Remember Dad, in written words, on a day like this, two years since He Flew Up and to Freedom? Are these ceremonies the wrong thing to do?

Personally, I am certain that He is a Free Spirit now, and has the Right to choose where He goes and what He does.

And, while here, and with the limited amount I really knew about and of Him, regards His mockery and perhaps a covered disdain for other people, which He did not hide a lot, I do remember the moments when I caught Him looking at me and offering His Advice or Help, with ‘sympathy’ perhaps, for me.

Those memories come from my childhood mainly.

But until His last, for example, in a conversation, me, in a phone booth in Campbellfield, on my near last drive north from Melbourne, calling Him for one thing or another, and His telling me something I’d never known, – it may have been His saying that I was not baptized, it may have been his saying mum was stolen by the catholic convent, from her Father – I can’t recall exactly now. But though Dad said whichever it was, in stern, forceful terms, he was being True and trying to help me understand myself, as much as He/we, could get into the sordid past.

Such examples of His Rectitude fill my life, and without them, I would not have inherited His Stoicism and Strength to endure.

I would not have taken the Road Less Traveled, to Respect Intelligence above all emotion and sensation, without His Guidance and Clear, Rightminded Will to see me through.

Praise You, Dad, Father, Step-Father, Allan Nichols Cook-Meredith, True Soul, Immortal, My Sole Inspiration.

Dad, Please Forgive me for Remembering Your Soul, today, in written words.

See you on the other side!


Your Respectful Son,






Brayakooloong Gunai Indigenous Outlaw


All Praise the Immortals!

All Praise the Warriors who have fallen

Fighting for a Just World!




BleckGreen – Red

Wisdom Intelligence – Honor