It makes perfect sense – lies and honesty

140813 It makes perfect sense – lies and honesty

It makes perfect sense, that if we lie for long enough, our mind will begin to forget how to do otherwise.

Eventually, especially if we only have liars around us, in family, in our social world, in media and other sources of information, the faculty which is natural in us, of discerning thus thinking and speaking truthful things, will fade and be lost.

If we look at the world we’re in today, locally, and globally, in social, religious, economic and political levels, few of us believe what our politicians, priests, or media tell us.

We mostly know there’s always some element of exaggeration, or fabrication, invention or rhetorical hyperbole in most of what people around us say.

Some of it is fair enough and acceptable, if only to make the discussion easier to listen to.

That’s good language skills, as long as these don’t mislead or distract from any honest points intended to be made.

But, the culture, which is most of how we think and what we base our own thinking and intellectual processing on, is long corrupt.

Thousands of years, the culture has been filled with complete fabrications. And, often we know this, and so the mind adapts itself to cater for them.

In financial dealings, we know the other is not going to sell themselves short, and will also be looking to extract the best price or such from us, and vice-a-versa.

So, we know that there’s going to be some form of exaggeration, or outright deceits in whatever the seller, or, the buyer says.

Again, we adapt to those basically, sad realities, merely to get the business done, and with it we accept that we wont get absolutely what we want.

That’s the price we pay in this world, and for whatever we want or need.

Most of us learn how to ‘barter’ and, in effect, exchange fabrications, to keep the affair even, so the other does not get too much of an advantage over us with too many lies.

But it’s still dealing with untruths.

So, in whatever affair, or deal we partake of, with any large portion of the verbal exchanges being possessed of lies, our mind may well adapt and cater for this sad truth, but unless we maintain some sort of ‘clearing’ practices, the effect, I posit, is that our mind will become somewhat corrupted in how it processes, and thus, in how it thinks.

If this is what we must do every day, life long, I’m sure it accumulates and has our usually, or ‘normally’ [whatever that is?] astute intellectual faculty of discernment which operates properly and know truths when we hear them, such that we don’t even have to weigh and ponder ideas before we can speak truthfully, constant fallacies effect our ability to be honest, and so we cannot either know when something is true, or we can’t say truthful things.

We automatically lie. But less than a lie, which is usually a deliberate deceit, we simply talk shit, without realizing it.

Without having what should be normal, the lightning-fast mind of discernment, and in so many of today’s intense and high pressure social and work environments, where to pause even for a second will lose us the chance to complete a thought or sentence, let alone to speak at such a pace to allow the thought to be elucidated ‘perfectly’ or close to, we are so often required to just keep the mouth motoring, so as to not lose the centre of attention. So, keeping the attention of others means filling any possible voids, and even trying to make points of just pure bullshit.

How often or how many of us know this and or care, or weigh our statements later with either regret, recognition of a mistake, and/or the want to let others know we meant something else, I don’t know.

But, as ‘life’ is so fast, and so much of our time is given to trivial chats and banter and gossip, most of it doesn’t really matter.

Other than the fact that with all the trivia and banter, comes, and goes, a lot of rubbish, and that that rubbish tends to weaken the otherwise natural propensity for the mind to automatically deduce, assess and think-speak-write, truth.

But, we might excuse our loose lifestyle, with “…everyone does it! So, it doesn’t really matter!”

Until, something very important comes up. If the mental faculties are not used to being fastidious or such, in discerning and speaking the facts, the truths, it can be deadly to not have the truth on hand.

Multiplying this error by millions, and by billions, to the scale of numbers of minds contributing to certain very important very delicate situations on earth, if any largish percentage of these minds are not used to strict control of loose thinking and speaking processes, small ‘misspoken’ words can lead us into a serious situation. And if spoken at the wrong time, into serious wars.

So, it makes perfect sense that if we talk shit too much, if we talk shit at all, our minds ability to talk and discern truths is weakened, to being dangerous.

We can transfer this scenario straight across to the dominant culture on earth at the moment, and in applying it, we can see why we are racing healing into a global warring catastrophe.

It is NOT a coincidence that the dominant culture is led by the mobs – the christians, the ‘messianic’ jews, the zionists – who also cry out for a savior. For someone who knows and talks the truth.

Someone else, because they have been talking shit for millennia, so simply do not know what’s good for them.

These mobs are the ones who’ve been too ready to talk untruths, for thousands of years, so now they cannot know when truth is being said.

All they’ve been thinking, believing, talking, and all they can possibly contribute to any ‘conversation’, is bullshit, which can only add to the confusion.

However, with their forceful fanaticism to ‘freeing’ us from slavery, from oppression, from discipline, from perceived dated manners, customs, traditions and ways of living, they’ve also forgotten how to listen and know what truth is.

So, any wise voice will just be ostracized, ‘persecuted’, and will give up, if they’re not killed, and whatever truths they had, will not be understood, listened to, nor learned from.

This is how the world is going now.

The bullshit machinery, in media, politics, religion and all social formats, is so big, and so entrenched, especially in the moneymaking cycles, in laws, industries and general mechanisms incorporated in day-to-day life, as to be on automatic.

No-one now can stop it, enough to stop also the autonomic machinery of destruction.

This isn’t something just recently deduced.

The ‘prophets’ throughout time have seen this as the logical end to cultures of shallowness and incorrect legal structures.

But, obviously, in the judaic, christian and related cultures, bullshit has been the norm, for thousands of years, because all the prophets have been hanged when they Man-Up and talk out about the fallen state of their own people.

Corruption destroys the mind, and so the mind, the person, cannot know how to live honestly, and perhaps involuntarily, reacts violently or in the negative when the facts, the truths are spoken.

If they know when someone is speaking truthfully, in the first place?

Armageddon, would be the only possible result.



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