Expecting to be arrested by Queensland police

140808 Friday arvo expecting to be arrested by Queensland police.

I’ve been in Queensland for 3 and a half years now.

I realized too late how bad a decision it was to move up here.

After trying to appeal to various police forces, and others, for assistance out of the hole I’ve been dropped in by a range of people, criminal motorcycle gangs, police and politicians, media and governments, and mostly my own family included, but initially by the world’s most warped and evil cult, the Theosophical Society, I’ve kept writing to my online blogs about the overall paucity of honor, justice, good law and general ethical rectitude in Australia, and across the world.

Many blog posts go to this my own issue, as well, in-depth, with supporting evidence aplenty.



Since I’ve been exiled, marginalised and mocked, harassed, photographed, terrorised, bashed and property stolen over the last 20 to 30 years, with no honesty or positive responses of assistance from any of our police, although I do admit some, if not many, have tried to genuinely help me, but with never one explanation as to why these crimes have been committed against me, naturally, I’ve become less and less tolerant of strangers, and so-called ‘mates’ approaching, then engaging me in trite conversations which do nothing but annoy my already long-annoyed character.

I do not like the police, anymore.

So, I am now quite anti-social, misanthropic, misogynistic, and very angry that I am so maltreated, when I’ve done no wrong.

I am also of no doubt, supported by legitimate high quality research into the subject, that police mistreatment of victims of the types of abuses I’ve been subjected to, for over 50 years, only increases the damage to the victim.

Venting my disdain is only by the internet, and most always is moderate, so-as to not get myself banned from the Google Plus, online social media pages, and from the few news media sites I send comments to.

I’ve controlled my love of alcohol and of cannabis, and now am not drinking or smoking. To save my kidneys and liver, heart and balance, but also money.

Without those two loved escapes from the anger and bullshit of reality, my only other ‘escapes’ or pleasures, are food, writing on said politics and cultural issues, and, drawing designs for motor vehicles, two wheeled and four, both fantastical, for entertainment and using my and the computer’s artistic talents, and in mostly vain hopes of designing stuff for my mobile home, etc.

Since coming to Gympie and renting one, then two, then a third, so three sheds next to each other in Southside industrial park, Du Rietz Court, and after fooling myself it might be a fresh start to finally finish the mobile hut off, and then live happily on the roads of Australia, all I’ve had, is harassment, from locals and all types from near and far.

Why? “Politics”. But also, the worst possible thing to be harassed over – “religion”.

For about as long as I’ve been forced on the road, I’ve been aware of other people taking photographs of me.

I think the farthest back I recall this happening, would have been in about 1986, when I was having a swim in the Murray River, east of Mildura, north-western Victoria, on my way I think, if the year is right, to Alice Springs, Northern Territory.

The photographer had an SLR film camera, with a telephoto lens, was perhaps 50 metres from me, and jumped casually in his car pretty much as soon as I noticed him, and drove off.

If the year, 1986, is correct, [edit; which it isn’t – it was earlier again] then it took some 19 or 20 years before I came to even just begin to understand why I’d seen people shooting pictures of me.

That – my just beginning to understand why – was when I was drawn to look up, online, the meanings of my given names [considering that my father, Allan Nichols Cook, was actually Allan Nichols Meredith, and was adopted to Cook at about 6 years of age.]

I guess I could say, with meaning, that I’ve been in a state of shock, since the day in 2005, when I saw what my name ‘adds up’, to mean.

And, with people quite deliberately and often quite overtly taking my photo, never with my permission, the shock has only deepened, until now, 9 years or so since that shocking day, I regard myself as an incurable sufferer of whatever one calls a person who is severely misanthropic.

Ie., one who, despite years, decades, of fighting for the best known scientific human justice and laws, yet has continually been the recipient of insult, threats, false allegations, and endless derision, from not only informed strangers, but from all surviving members of my own family, mother, sister and brother, and the police, one who, now simply does not like my own species.

So, today, I went to the sheds, first time for about a fortnight to actually do somethings, rather than just to refill my water bottles and restock the non-perishables I store there.

[I stopped staying there and working on my now many unfinished projects, because, people would arrive, loiter, take photos of my vehicle, and me if they could without my seeing them.

Adding to that, is the fact, not fancy, not fiction, not delusion, that they’re eager to employ their occult powers upon me and upon my vehicle, which makes this, my sole ‘habitat’, very hard to ‘live’ in.]

So, today…, after doing some welding, a vehicle came into the shed yard. A vehicle I’ve seen before, with two occupants, a female, perhaps 40 years old, and a male, perhaps 30 also, perhaps he’s younger.

A dark ‘burgundy red’ Ford Falcon sedan.

After a few minutes, the male came to my shed, and asked about my photographing them.

I was immediately attacked by occult forces. Clearly he was employing them, because while I spoke he did not so much look me in my eyes, but had an unusual focus on watching my mouth, as I spoke. A known means of employing or deploying occult forces upon a victim.

And I’d estimate, the female was around the driveway corner out of sight, near to corner, with an audio or video recording device, recording my accentuated response and explanation to the male. If the male didn’t have one in his pocket.

I was honest, and told him I do take photos of people who I suspect of having taken photos of myself.

He was obviously there to ‘set-me-up’ and to enrage me, as was the case, for I was quite agitated almost immediately he started talking to me.

So, I told him more than I should have – it’s foolish to be honest in Australia – and asked him to go away, saying I didn’t want to hear what he had to say.

He walked away saying “Do what you want” as he left. [Those few words of his, contradict his reason for coming to talk to me.]

I went back to finishing painting the welds, then rang the estate agent. She was sooo estate agent. Rude, talked over me, did not listen to what I was saying, interrupted constantly, and basically tried to put me on the back foot by saying I should stop taking peoples’ photographs. But my appeals about my being photographed were ignored.

She made the point more than once that taking peoples’ photos without their permission is illegal, with suggestions that I’d be evicted.

I, was guilty, going by her side of the conversation.

She also someone had made a complaint about me, and said the police had been informed, or called.

So I packed down my equipment, and left the sheds, expecting the police to find me somewhere soon, and without any reasoned explanation, incriminate me as guilty or mentally ill.

Now, after a few hours, I feel that what the female on the phone at the real estate agents did, was to terrorize me verbally.

I also assert, that she knew well who I am ‘supposed’ to be, that-is, a victim of a powerful cult, with direct ties to the Vatican and the catholic church, all, attempting to make me into a false messiah, that I am “on the back foot” in terms of legitimate and legal police support, which I’ve sought repeatedly for over a decade now, that I am at breaking point in my stress levels, precisely for her type of arrogant abuse, and that her attitude was deliberately and maliciously designed to intimidate and stress me further.

Without doubt, the male who came and spoke with me was deploying the occult, so-as to enrage me into talking in anger or such, probably, like police are trained to, to have me be seen to be ‘unbalanced’ etc. Which, for the occult, and the fact that I am the victim, I was, albeit temporarily, as anyone in my situation would be.

However, I maintain that I am remarkably composed and balanced, all things considered.

I refuse to contact the Queensland police, because they have ignored my appeals to now, and, like the female at the real estate agency, tend always to make me out to be the criminal, ignoring the facts, that I am the victim.

So.., wanting so much a bottle of alcohol, I restrain my Post Traumatic Stress, my anxiety, and wait for a weekend of terrorism from local youth and imbeciles on motorcycles, the male who came to my sheds today, one of them, I have no doubt. But, hey, a full face helmet makes wonderfully anonymous, the coward.

Police? HELLO?

Politicians? HELLO?

Family? No answer……

In pure, totally legitimate, and honest self-defense, I’ve taken photos of others who I know have taken photos of me, purely for the record, and I have no want to misuse these shots of otherwise unknown and anonymous vehicles and people.

But my so doing is being treated as a crime!

While the criminals do it to me, with gay abandon, with lies-lies-lies, and cries of “innocent!” to the police.

So, I sit, in a different park this arvo, writing this, expecting, [as so often has been the case], this to be my last, for a short while at least, before the police find me and present me with more false excuses to go through my car, my possessions, my computer, then arrest me, all to humiliate and damage my already irreparably-damaged psychology, on the weak and illegitimate pretext that I’ve broken the law by gathering evidence of others I suspect of photographing me, without my permission.

Whatever the police say, will not be the full truth, for certain.

Whatever I say, will be used against me in a court of the most disgustingly corrupt laws on earth, should the expected farcical police terrorism and false charges come about.

Without some honesty, from someone, I’m unable to get passed this evil situation which I’ve been dropped into by my family, and by their occult masters, the Theosophical Society, who are the ‘religion’ of the dynasties I’m apparently the product of.


Max Nichols Cook



Brayakooloong Gunai Indigenous Outlaw



NB: Supporting my allegations of being the victim of more than a few crimes, related directly to this incident, I filled-out an online form on the Victoria Police website, which has the internet address;


dated 14th July 2014, and submitted it to that service,

My “reference token” for that submission is


Now, twenty-four days later, I have not had any response from the Victoria Police.