The World Is A Shithole – What You Gonna Do, Gramps?

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UK Establishment Closes Ranks as Organised Child Sex Abuse Network Leads Back to No. 10

Scriptonite Daily / December 18, 2013

I struck upon this webpage months ago now, in which this particular “Scriptonite” page addresses pedophilia in the British establishment.

Since giving it my few thoughts, I’ve received email notices of further posts, some covering more of the same crimes, but most being good honest and often daring comments we’d NEVER read in any MSM.

AND, again today, there’s another one in my inbox.

So, I red it, agreed and replied…. hence…..,

The link in the title should take you to the page with the comments, which date back to December 2013.

Me, replying to “Zebedee Cat” of August 1, 2014 at 8:00 am …,

“Endemic”, “plague proportions” etc. Only in Britain, I don’t expect so.

If the world’s most powerful elite practice, thus condone both the filthy acts against kids, thus the cover-ups, we can be sure that most of their closer security forces and agencies’ senior officers are ‘in there’ too.

So, how can you/we trust such as your National Crime Agency?

This and all the most heinous crimes active these days, are as much, ‘run’ by the elite. So we are fighting a losing battle and asking any security force to intervene is pointless.

As written here, both sides of the political debate are involved, so every faction and section is as likely, complicit, at least in the cover-ups. These demons work in such ways that function fully upon principles of blackmail. So any who are on the inside, and not [yet] involved, and who’re seen as “necessarily-to-inform” to add to the information/exposure buffer-zone, are also made the offer, to partake, to become pedophiles. Which means to not accept, is as good as death. To say “not interested”, is to throw oneself and family, and friendships on the slippery slide to Hell.

Believe or not, some coppers are better-minded. But they too are up against it, and always are thrown to the wolves, if they try expose or bring to court such offenders. ‘To the wolves’ either of the complicit and partaking media, or their bent workforce, etc. Paid by…, the elite.

I don’t see this and the allied crimes, rampant and increasing exponentially as they are, as resolvable or curable. “Law and Order” has been dead, effectively for many centuries. What we of the ‘modern’ world have seen, has merely been how the elite have snowed us with propaganda to cover their arses. A policy which cannot not eventually wind back on itself and consume the perpetrators and everyone beneath them – the whole of us, effectively.

This pedophilia pandemic, with military-global and [upclub, ‘church’] NGOs involved ‘globally’ [as means of transporting orphaned and stolen kids to whomever wants an exotic ‘rent boy’, etc.,] is part-and-parcel of the larger world crimes syndicates and out of control and out of reach madness ruining the species and our chances of stabilizing the path to the future.

If there is any hope, which I am realistic/pessimistic about, it lies in your local ‘mums and dads’, and whole locales of neighborhoods rising-up – worldwide – to counter the police-protected corrupted elites, who include every local councilor, and well-to-do business operator [‘realty’, etc., muchly] merely for the local councilors and leading business persons taking the ‘bribes’ aka ‘wages and salaries’, to ignore the larger and multiple pandemics, so they can ‘walk proud’ around their own patches.

A very BIG call, yeah.

But, please, tell us a better, more feasible way, out of this downslide to Hell?

“Democracy” is of the People, for the People, and BY the People.

What fallen fools the People are, to trust the lowest, most specious, in ‘politicians’, ‘clergy’ and ‘police’ to ensure the safety of the children?

People who rail against and make a noise about particular crimes, like this pedophilia, etc, are not to be condemned.

But when they cannot UNITE across the arenas of differing crimes, to get to the core causes, causes which steal hope and Unity from individuals and communities, they can be condemned as myopic fools, near enough, and even like religious nutters, as fanatics.

All crimes have a root cause, and that is the deprivation by the elite, mad-as-bags-of-rabies all of them, of our rights and needs to the essentials, primarily distribution of land.

While any of us fail to address that disparity of distribution, all of us are victim to such crimes as evolve out, such as this pedophilia, etc.

Hardly a grandparent on earth is not aware of this major underlying cause of the pandemics of madness, of crime, of perversion and loss of balance, locally and globally. But how many of them can still muster the courage to Unite their neighborhoods, far and wide, to make a decisive effort before they pass over? And, who, of their children, of the spoiled 1st world, so often lost to ‘ambition’ for the unattainable ‘happiness in wealth’ delusions, would be able to 1st, see the Folks Wisdom, and then leave their desks to join in the fight, down town, to the capital?

“Mum, I love to help…! But I’m sooo self-interested today…?”

You lose, bitch! And, so do the kids. Thus, the future be damned……

So, perhaps the world has to – on-mass – get into OUR OWN dysfunctional psyches, and bring the discussion to the “narcissism” flaw, the latest pandemic of self-righteousness? Mum, dad, brother, sister and the kids, so much a part of being so clever, nowadays.

Truly, the western religions have so much to answer for, that they can NEVER be forgiven.

Another commenter put in their bit, with this comment

spinningdisk July 12, 2014 at 10:37 pm

This is only an atom on the tip of the iceberg, but thank you for at least exposing some of it, please see:;; — extensive background info here: and


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