Humans – no more than parasites

140729 Humans – no more than parasites

After a few decades observing Human Beings, as a puppet of the world’s most deluded religious cult – the Theosophical Society – so invested in exploring our ‘souls’ which is but a romantic word for ‘the mind’, and being led to having very pro-environmental beliefs, and views, it’s an unquestionable fatc to me now, that we are nothing more than highly developed, highly evolved parasites.

In end-goals, in aspirations, we’re no different to single-celled organisms, all the way up through fungi, fauna, and the more animate forms of life, be-they ants, insects or small and large critters.

It’s integral in all of them to survive, against whatever they confront, and the best way is the natural propensity to organise, hence “organic”, etc.

I fully accept that the Human species is more evolved than most, as Charles Darwin classified, on the developmental ladder of certain aspects and functions.

But underneath every bit of hyperbole the same arrogant piece of shit fungal species, now turned almost completely carcinogenic, manages to spew forth from it’s delusional mentality, about us being superior and as having some ‘divine purpose’ or another, we are no more than fungus, just cursed with the abilities of higher degrees of adaptation and modification of our environment.

Perhaps the worst product of this, with it’s delusional accruing of superiority and arrogance, both products of malignant ignorance, is religion, and it’s totally frauudulent deceit about god, and worst, that each different religion is the only true one.

I, now 59 years old, a severely bad and damaged program of western, judaic-christian religions, and, for lack of a typical, life, in any culture, so being left but to challenge the worst one in history – white judaic-christian – am constantly disgusted and ashamed of all things religion especially of the jewish and christian types, as well as amazed at how stupid they have made the mass of my own species.

Believing in god, and especially in a christ-like personage, is the lowest point a species can fall to, without doubt.

Yet, still, by the hour, aloof, totally mindless, or, if they possess any of their own Consciousness, such that they are aware of their own deeper, more universal self, then they have taken an utterly evil path in their incarnations, people sermonise, preach, pontificate and harp-on about god and about Jesus saving the world, of ‘faithfools’.

How disgusting an insult to the very core of life itself, that so many millions and even some billions of this alleged, most highly developed, intellectual species can bow to such hyperbola? And, that any of them can so full of themselves, ‘go forth’ and evangelise about any such evil foolishness?

How easy it becomes, once aware of the extent of these mouthy idiots influence, to become entirely cynical, and to want for the whole species destruction.

Having been bred to play a part in the christian cult game of fabricating stories and myths and actual persons of allegedly spiritual and even godly descent and worth, yet for my decades of inquiry into any veracity of such stories, etc., my own want is to end these fantasies completely.

As the same fantasies have been used purely for the profiting of the charlatan priesthood, up as far as the Vatican and Jerusalem, or Tel Aviv, and from those most illegitimate incomes the same charlatans have afforded to buy-off every so-called ‘believer’, it is almost entirely incumbent to go to war against all of them, and with the occult powers this same sick game has left me, it IS within my abilities to actually destroy the planet – BOOM! There y’ are! You’re dead. Deceased, finished, no longer existent!

However, having lived outside of all human society for a few decades now, for various reasons, all tied to this same cult delusional fantasy, the opposition to it and to my false existence, but mainly for my own disagreement with the same fantasy, and yet, with their guidance of my thinking and living, into appreciating the natural world, environment, and all nature’s critters, but perhaps primarily, having found late that I’m actually descended from Australian Aborigines, who are as far as I’ve been able to deduce, and now fully accept as true, direct descendants from the actual People’s of the Judaic’s mythological, allegorical Garden of Eden, who lived in completely enlightened Wisdom of how Humans are to live best, my appreciation and Respect for the natural Souls, Human and all animate, is such that I refuse to go the occult, path of awakening my powers such that I do destroy this planet, or in the least some major ecological amounts of it, in order to destroy all the present trends of abuse as led by the christian and jewish cultures.

This doesn’t make me god, nor any saviour, nor even compassionate toward my fellow man.

Most of my reason for not going mad on the madder, is simply that I do Respect and adore the natural world, and this rather special planet, yet detest most modern humans.

But, we, human beings, are nothing more than parasites.

The sooner we all come to terms with that, abandon the pernicious beliefs in god, in religious hyperbole, and get down to living not as carcinogenic parasites, but as ones which, who actually work with the ecology, the better the world will be, whether we, western, ‘modern’ Homo Parasitus, has to now gone too far or not.

It’s clear to myself, that all the so-called “Demons” and “Devils” who rage against the so-called “holy” of modern western religion, are not evil, but are merely more intelligent beings and phenomena, who innately understand that WE, modern humans, are the greater danger to balanced and harmonious life, on a confined material orb like Earth, while we have these evil delusions about our superiority and thus some divine right to abuse and waste the earth as the most abusive western, christian and jewish cults do.

Playing with words, I see “Devil”, and “evil” as, “Devil” is the “de-evil” or the antithesis of evil. The counteraction against “evil”.

The self-titled “Good” of the most evil religions, judaism and christianity, show by their actions, over some 2 thousand years and more, that they are in fact the most evil.

So any who Fight them, are the most Righteous, and the Most Holy.

All Praise the “Devil”!

Of course, were it to be so easy? But obviously, I, and we, cannot “praise the Devil”, merely because if we were to, we’d be doing exactly as the false god western religions do, and putting an entity, outside or below life itself, on the pedestal, and in that, would be actually creating the same sort of delusional deceitful religion as these we, or I, rail against.

So it comes down to railing against the concept of a religion which idolises a being, a creature, no matter whence the idea comes.

“Religion” is, to my way of thinking, merely having a regime in our life, which is the most sensible, considerate and far-reaching. It has of course to include doing ourselves the best, so we become ‘religious’ about the daily habits and practices we perform, be-they ablutions or earning an income.

At some level, these, and any ‘religion’ we practice, become communal, for the most efficient and least destructive co-existence in a finite space.

So there has to be some agreed, wisest commonality of ‘religion’, so we do not end creating our own practices which are threats to the well-being of others, be others, any natural critters, or humans, or indeed the planet.

So we have to be allowed to have our own practices, and as most if us are too busy with fighting each other for a job, for an income to afford our own housing etc., it becomes the job of some ‘select’ committee or the likes, to put together the most harmonious types and models of ‘religion’ for each to pick from, and to modify to suit their own little personal “Temple” as it were.

But underneath any and all, there really does have to be some element of fact, relevant to the realms we exist within, or pass through, so there’s as least friction as possible.

So, as best as I can see, limited to the 3 dimensions of Earth-life as I am, we have to agree that when acting in the 3 dimensional arena, on Earth, certain action/reaction conditons must and do apply.

The Laws of Physics, basically.

And in regards to the species existing best in the physical realms of the 3-dimensions on Earth, these Laws of Physics are how humans relate and interact with the rest of the 3-dimensional world, and all it’s creatures.

There’s an whole other series of realms to consider too, of the higher realms, because they too have strong and perhaps the most influence upon the lowest 3-dimensions.

But if we are to get right, our practices down here in 3-D, I posit that the higher forces, intellects and beings would abate in any aggression against us and our errant ways.

But, on Earth, in living with in the harmonious laws of Physics, how we relate best is by following the Economic Laws, which derive simply, from the Physical Laws.

And the most harmonious Economic Laws, are the most evenly spread in how we distribute our needs and their resources.

Getting them right, and instituting them into the Laws of the Land, would also bring together the Best Religious Laws, for our own personal and private temples but also for the larger group. Today, the whole of the species.

We don’t have to worship any gods, or saviours, or creeds outside of basic and true economic laws. And even ‘worship’ is too strong a word.

And we must place Economic Laws above and before all other laws.

All natural forms of life obey these same laws, methinks.

But, we remain, parasites. Long out of control, now carcinogenic parasites, but parasites, nevertheless.

Accepting this fact, disavowing our minds of the delusions of grandeur, of supremacy, of being or being children of god, and perhaps especially divesting our beliefs systems and minds of any of us being superior to another Human Being, and instead all of us simply, matter-of-factually, getting down to the simple, pure, unadulterated facts, truths of how to live on 3D Earth, most Harmoniously, is our mission.

Everything else now is irrelevant, and even dangerous.

Religion perhaps most so.

But good luck with trying to inform the Israeli theocratic warmongers of that fact?


Brayakooloong Gunai Indigenous Outlaw


All Praise the Immortals!

All Praise the Warriors who have fallen

Fighting for a Just World!




Bleck – GreenRed

Wisdom – Intelligence Honor
















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