Did the recent Malaysian Airlines ‘crash’ in the Ukraine actually happen?


Can 99% of Humanity actually KNOW if the recent Malaysian Airlines ‘crash’ in the Ukraine actually happened?

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Mainstream media, and large swathes of ‘alternative media’ and ‘social media’, are untrustworthy. They are all susceptible to being bought-off, by the so-called ‘New World Order’ NWO.

And, because the NWO is so widespread, in all nations, cumulatively the wealthiest ‘cabal’ and group of cabals ever known, yet apparently have opposing forces out to subvert and war against the NWO cabals, the opposing forces are out also, to buy influence and buy-off any who might support, thus accept bribes, to push their agendas, covert and overt.

[By ‘apparently’, I infer that the same NWO, or the world’s most powerful political and military ‘block’, has given huge resources for over a 100 years, to creating and building, secretly, opposing forces to their own. So not all we hear of as ‘enemies’ are in fact ‘enemies’. However, that always also becomes a mad complex of split forces, with allied and enemy subsections in all of them. Ask any seasoned and higher level spy. (HA! That, is a ridiculous suggestion, of course!)

Added to that, not only are reporters and news organizations under pressure to accept bribes, also, if they do not, they are vulnerable to the ‘dark side’ of each cabal, cutting them off, out of further future career success, organizational growth and accomplishments.

And, on top of those piles of insane circumstances, there’s the massive all-parties ‘business’ of ‘blackmailing’ whomever has a secret, usually up at those levels of power, including of course, ‘official’ authority, huge secrets of financial fraud, tax evasion, set-ups of innocents, conspiracies, and outright crimes against humanity.

‘Blackmailing’ people with major secrets, especially the NWO, is how most larger crime consortia and gangs grow.

The larger the secret, the wider it has to be spread, because large secrets usually cover large conspiracies or crimes, which usually involve, with variances of course, large numbers of people. And as we all know, people are lousy at keeping secrets.

So any large plot is leaked before long. Making leaking almost a regular event in all large ‘conspiracies’ is because, basically, criminal cults are eager to rope in numbers, and there’s usually not a high degree of qualification called for, to rope a dupe in to either keep them quiet, to have them perform some related thing, or to pass on some info, etc. So the typically low-grade of people roped in ensures failures in the security system all too soon.

As said, up at the highest levels of power, whether media, military, religion or ‘politics’, even in outwardly nice, innocent and friendly suburban children’s day-care centres, the covert ‘investments’ can be huge, so ‘secrets’ can and almost by the hour, do grow to being so ‘black’ as to require murders, mass murders, ‘wars’, and assassinations of ranking corporate, banking, realty, and government officials and the subversion of the management of whole nations.

(That doesn’t often happen with child care centres though.)

These factors behind subverting and inventing false news stories is inherently a problem for truthful news reportage and for all journalists who prefer being Honorable, etc., because neither of the numerous leading, most powerful [meaning also, by the very nature of ‘power’, the least ethical], cabals, give a damn about truth or Honor or the overall best interests of the whole species, or of the whole of life on earth.

‘Power’ becomes the driver of all regimes, public and private, psychoses.

So ‘news’ is constantly ‘bought’ and subverted, perverted and corrupted down to all piss-and-wind.

So, again the question, “Can 99% of Humanity actually KNOW if the recent Malaysian Airlines ‘crash’ in the Ukraine actually happened?”

I posit that it did NOT actually happen, as reported.

“Evidence”? How can I possibly provide that, from Australia?

All I can offer is a critique of all the news I’ve watched, read, and heard since the alleged crash.

And, based on a few decades of ‘watching’ news, reportage, and known conspiracies in action, and in court cases, it is naïve, ‘in this day and age’, to believe what we see, hear and read in any, I mean ANY news reports, especially of such ‘sensational’, ‘frightening’, ‘coincidental’ extents as this apparent tragedy in the skies over and on ground in the Ukraine.

I say it did NOT happen, as reported.

A mass of confusing and contradictory reports have been aired, and allegations well before any facts have been established, have been pouring out of the mouths of the most culpable liars of the western alliance. America’s John Kerry, Australia’s PM Abbott, but two.

It held my attention for about 36 hours, before the accusations against Russian President Putin became too accusatory without any evidence, to keep me following it.

Alternative online media was far closer to any possible truths, but even then, as usual, they too, being vulnerable to ‘plants’ and subversives, paid by the NWO to plague alternative media with false stories (as well of course as the mindless imbeciles who at least know most things in this world are illusion, or for their being just inconsiderate egomaniacs, they take immature aim at anyone or medium who does treat anything seriously), so all too often the stories were/are suspect.

And as much as I do find a less suspect reporting agenda in the Russian media sites, obviously they too, are unable to get out the cold hard rude facts, for their own government’s controls, but also because there are so many underlying and sordid concurrent events related or entwined in NWO, or ‘Neo-Nazi, or religious or just plain profit-based media to know who’s credible, etc.

And, on top, or beneath all these hurdles against Honest reporting, is the constant tries by such as the National Security Agency of the USA, the NSA, who are monitoring massive numbers of people and news sites, and are, I’m sure, amazingly fast and adept at building ‘mirrored’ web pages to feed whomever they target as ‘reactionary’ or opposition to their main agenda, of control and oppress, with more false information and reports.

Need I put MORE confusers, into this mad mix? There’s also the counter-spies (counter-counter, counter-counter-counter, and times-to-the-Nth-degree) that exist within and across every spy service and network, who can not be explained as to why they might choose to subvert any one or amount of reports or events info threads.

As far as the Ukraine Malaysian Airlines MH17 event goes, it is impossible to not include suspicions about what actually happened to the March 2014 disappearance of the other Malaysian Airlines flight MH370, the same model Boeing 777 aircraft, allegedly in the Indian Ocean.

Perhaps being closer geographically, in Australia, where the ‘official search’ was based from, it was painfully clear that some serious amount of bullshit was being reported to us, about the search.

And, since the farcical and utterly fraudulent September 7th 2014 Australian federal election, as most all Australians by now, are in-the-main distrusting of the federal LNP prime minister, and his government, any news aired about the Malay Aircraft search, with the PM giving his laughable comments, just totally discredited the reports of the search, and thus, of it having any truth to it.

So, if, and when enough Humans make it plain that we’ve had enough of the falsities of such as these two airline disasters, and if and when enough of us finally have our NWO powers, come clean, er, sorry, that’s asking too much of the absolute madmen and women running the planet, but if and when we apply enough pressure to the NWO to allow the media to give us some facts, what then?


Or, “World War Last One?”



Brayakooloong Gunai Indigenous Outlaw


All Praise the Immortals!

All Praise the Warriors who have fallen

Fighting for a Just World!




BleckGreen – Red

Wisdom Intelligence – Honor
















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