My The Guardian “Tony Abbott hails demise of ‘useless, destructive’ carbon tax” Comment

140717 Guardian Tony Abbott hails demise Comment


Tony Abbott hails demise of ‘useless, destructive’ carbon tax

Australian PM says parliament has ‘finally listened’ to the people and scrapped the emissions policy

• Australia kills the carbon tax

Lenore Taylor, political editor, Thursday 17 July 2014 15.40 AEST


Disliking the PM as I do, we have to face that some half [perhaps one-third, if we average down the ‘donkey voters’] of us voted the LNP in.

That’s if we believe the AEC is not completely corrupt and merely fiddled the ballot to suit Murdoch and the offshore cabals. Which is how I see it.

The outright lies being told, marketed and repeated to be Orwellian truths by the LNP, but also by Labor, tells me that the polity is as useless as shit-on-the-shag-pile, for electing, or appearing to elect, any of the major party’s candidates, etc.

Yes, Eleanor, the system has failed, and bigtime!

I find it outrageous that we hear daily the proven lies from the govt, in and out of parliament, that ‘parliamentary privilege’ lets them say complete untruths, and use every delay-and-distraction tactic imaginable, yet no-one, especially from our judiciary, or any of the legal fraternity, takes them to task.

Perhaps that’s one reason why Abbott bought the new G-G’s silence, because he’s not an ex-judge or such, which, IMO, is the least of qualifications our Governor-General must have. No disrespect, General [?] Cosgrove, but the G-G, should be more important to the political process, than the Queen is to Britain [and to the ‘Commonwealth’ (HA!)] as their regal showcase figurehead, and tourorrist attraction.

There has to be an entirely independent and fully-qualified Personage, who sits above all the ‘houses of debate’ et al, [at least, while we HAVE NOT, DEMOCRACY!] and who is charged with the role, fully legal, of picking up on every aspect of government, and of parliamentary procedure, when the highest standards are not met.

Were we Democratic, the government would not get away with the lies they, of either stripe, do.

With the fed govt’s bullshit about ‘the end of the age of entitlement’, it becomes imperative that the G-G is effective, and not merely for trotting out at the ‘privileged upper classholes’ ceremonies. That chair today, is the height of insulting, useless, undeserved ‘entitlement’, while He, and the last, say nothing when roaring untruths are used to make laws.

I cannot be convinced that the lies our politicians tell, cannot be held against them in a legal case, and that they cannot be taken to the High Court for telling them.

The simple truth is, they are lying to their electorates. This is not lawful.

Even the lowly police have the authority to make arrests for these offenses. And, if they cannot, then the Constitution is wrong, needs to be scrapped, and re-written.

About time someone with some Authority, made that call to the police, and a few truckloads of them went to parliament house to arrest the govt and the opposition.

General Cosgrove, being of the ADF, does also, as far as I’m concerned, have every Authority to call in the ADF Troops to effect the same Justice.

And, just to rub it on a bit more…

I say that every States’ Police Commissioners, would be completely within their Rights, and Duties, to Man-Up, and Combine to do the same, by committing officers to Canberra, and others to each State parliament, for the arrests of all State govt and opposition politicians.

But, of course, Australia isn’t alone on the planet! So, the demand needs-must go to all policing authorities, from here to Britain, to act in Unison!

Nothing worthwhile is achieved by employing half-measures, in these circumstances.

That-is…, if they’re not too busy banging-up children?


Brayakooloong Gunai Indigenous Outlaw


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