Gaza being ‘cleansed’ for huge underground resource of Natural Gas!

What we don’t hear on the MSM.


The sources I quote and link to here are not to now known as verifiable.

Some of the reports are open to scrutiny.  That the alleged murderers of the three Israeli youth spoke to them in Hebrew, as heard allegedly on one of the youth’s mobile phones, quoted in the video, proves nothing about who killed them.  Palestinians could of course, talk to Israeli kids in Hebrew too, in any similar situation.

And, for Israel, or any British energy corporation to go about accessing any alleged deposits of natural gas beneath Gaza, by this relatively, “19th century” method, whether or not they have longer term plans to so war on Gaza that the whole population is at least reduced by one half, so the invader Israelis, for their British gas corporation masters, can claim all the profits from mining the gas, begs scrutiny.

Scrutiny, both, as to the likelihood of such a plan ever succeeding, and as to the likelihood that Greater Islam, and possibly other nuclear powered nations, outside of the Islamic world, would not join Islam and launch an all-out war on Israel, and thus, on the west, and Israel’s ‘sponsors’ in Eurape, Britain and the remaining white, western, christian zionist nations.

Were any such deposits of natural gas beneath Gaza, the larger, wealthier Islamic nations would also be very interested in getting them.  So, as we’ve seen before, the wealthy islamists, will side with the wealthy west, for the same resources.  

That portends the worse case scenario for the poor Palestinians, if the say, Saudi elite, sided with Israel and/or the western energy corporations, to the terminal expense of the Palestinians, to lay partial claim and access to the gas reserves.

However, it is not out of the question that huge reserves of natural gas do exist beneath Gaza. Therefore, it’s entirely feasible that any one or cabal of the seriously mentally ill western and Arab, or even Islamic elite powers would go to these suggested lengths to supply their insatiable lifestyles, as per keeping HRH, or a group of the filthy rich Islamic princes, and their zillion spoiled softcock peers warm in their mega castles over any northern winter, and cool in their oasis’s, through the long seering Arabian summers.

What is perhaps more outrageous, is that Israel, sponsored by the world’s zionists, clearly now off the planet in sanity terms, or acting like they are from another planet, dare so blatantly to do this in the face of the new world of less-censored media?

Are we so scared of the terror Israel neutralise’s so many elite politicians with, as to leave them, and the western elite’s corporations to do as they wish, and Humane considerations, be damned?


Time’s a surely comin’, for the Righteous to put down the spade, and pick up the sword!

What we don’t hear on the MSM.

Britain’s parliament, the voicebox of the British corporations, BP, Rio Tinto, BHP Billiton, etc, etc., aka the International Monetary Fund, IMF, previously, the British East India Company, the company which from the 18th century drove the expansionist campaigns from Britain, and plundered the rest of the planet, purely for their own egocentred prestige, as per the British Empire, and for ownership of the world, is not exactly front-and-centre in expressing their outrage at the outright inhumane actions of the zionist Israeli bombardment of the Indigenous Palestinians.

That, according to today’s Alternative News video, the Gaza strip sits on top of some huge body of natural gas, goes unmentioned in all mainstream news media reports of the ‘tragedy’ happening now to the Indigenous Palestinians.

So?  At whom do the Righteous of this planet, aim their disgust, resentment, their JUST DEFIANCE?

British Petroleum?  Rio Tinto? Any of the British energy AND banking corporations, aka the IMF?

Perhaps so, Comrades?  Perhaps so?

Or?  Perhaps it is time the Righteous took aim at the mad ‘scientists’, of the dark forces, who push Israel, it’s zionists, and the western alliance into being such “goy”, as the inhumane Israeli zionists call Palestinians?

We who are not so easily taken in by the modern western mills of propaganda, know that Israelis who call the Humble Warriors of Palestine, HAMAS, and their ilk, “goy“, are the least Human of all.

So, the name “goy” needs-must be turned back on the zionist Israelis, where it most hurts.  

Their utterly insane egos.




ET cetera……

However, within these covens of darkness, thrive totally deluded powerbrokers, and hide their cult identities from public view and scrutiny.  

The “Theosophical Society”.  

Man!  Know thine enemy.


Here’s a link to to list of British corporations;


and this video’s news service, “

stormcloudsgathering on YouTube


And the Theosophical Society’s addresses

Theosophical Society global


It’s all or nothing, from now on Comrades.

Today’s Youth, from young teenagers, through to anyone old enough to take a punch, and, to give a punch, even to being ready to go to prison for a Righteous Act, have no choice but to learn the True Laws of the Land, and of Good Government, and then learn who your real enemies are.

Israel is well out of order, no question.  But WHO, or WHAT, forces them?

Rest assured, it is not only the mad rabbis and upper class of Israel, although they are implicated.  

The upper classes in your own nations, who ride the waves of war, ALWAYS, wars in far-off lands, condone the filthy tactics and attacks on innocent, good, sane people.

Learn the True Law, and who the True Peoples’ enemies are.

Fear nothing, but cowardice, when you know the True Ways and True Laws, and do not Fight to Institute them.

Always, the Common Folk, the Mums and Dads and Grandparents, Know when Truth is spoken, and so you can go into the Fight, knowing they are with you.

Know your enemies, and choose your Future!



Time has come, to Stand for the FACTS!

We’ve all had enough politics, enough marketing and advertising, enough ‘spin’ and media ‘blah‘.

Of some 7 billion of us, of some 3.5 billion able adults, who if us is not so awake as to know that there has to be a time when the lies stop, or else we all fall?

So, in our safe havens, who of we 3.5 billion, are so weak as to not ready our Spirits for the Fight of Fights?  

None of us!  

Bed-ridden. Disabled. Stoned. Broken. Poor. Oppressed.  

None of us, do not feel the Anger.  The Indignation.

Who do not know We are Worthy of Better.

So!  Against the “Goy” we must Fight!

Israel! the goy!

Zion, the goy!

Corrupted Law, the goy!

Know thine enemy!

And Fight!





Calling All Outlaws If You are Worthy??
Calling All Outlaws!!!
If You are Worthy??

Just Knowledge
of The True Laws,
of Equitable Land Distribution
as per
the Economic Science of Land Rent for Revenue
at this point, is enough Qualification
to Be a Member of

Just Defiance Outlaws

Our Motto;
“Wherever We Ride
True Law Rides With Us”

“The Dreaming – Now,
for The Future!”


Brayakooloong Gunai Indigenous Outlaw


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