Guardian The Coalition loves welfare Comment – 140716



The Coalition loves welfare, as long as it’s for the charity sector

The federal government’s welfare review, once you get past its tender Dickensian sentiments, is a return to a Howard-era question: who gets to profit from caring for the deserving poor?
Van Badham, Wednesday 16 July 2014 13.26 AEST



Charity – run by the churches.

The churches – run by the New World Order global cabal, of, the Vatican and coven.

NGOs – run by the charities, run by the churches, run by the global NWO cabal.

Consequently, the ‘system’ as proposed by McClure, or any of his church-indoctrinated-and-fed clones, all bereft of Intelligence, for the same indoctrination, right back to the origins of ‘welfare’ cannot possibly either do what they falsely and stupidly hoped and designed it for, nor protect the oppressed from the same oppressors.

His ilk of lame high-talking fools who populate all the government’s, and all mainstream political parties, govt., Centrelink at the top of them, and private, aka church ‘welfare agencies’, are the hex upon ‘fair employment opportunities’ and fair and reasonable wages for all.

It’s these lame church-indoctrinated, self-interested spoiled brats who secure their own ‘welfare’ and keep the rest of us, under-employed, poor, and marginalized into crime.

‘Crime’ the only option left open to those about to be kicked off ‘welfare’.

This is exactly how the crime gangs gain so many members, because they are the support mechanisms the government is failing to provide.

How better a way for an evil regime to divide the populace, until we are either ‘with them, or agin them‘ and that the vast majority of us accept and comply with utterly corrupt laws, law enforcement services and partake of crime at all levels merely because, to not, will have one classified as retarded and soon enough locked away.

How better a way for an entirely insane ruling elite to make the majority criminals, thus ‘justifying’, increasing the harsh laws and penalties and deprivations, such as not giving any support to young adults?

Australia, that you allow this government AND opposition, – THIS PARLIAMENTARY SYSTEM – to maintain such a pernicious structure and culture, condemns you to – umm….? a lot of very bad karma, next time around. lol



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