140705 REPOST – Jesus and the CIA

“Jesus” the evil metaphor for “central economic control of the planet”

Here’s more comment on this issue, adding some about the secret ‘spy’ agencies of the western ‘1st world’ nations.
There’s no question the world is racing, exponentially into a more insane mental condition generally.  We all witness it in our politicians.
Why?  I posit, with irrefutable evidence, that our western religions are leading us fast into the, their fabled ‘ditch’, with their increasingly out of control abuses of witchcraft.
If we cannot live without abusing it, then I hope the ‘fall’ into some bottomless ‘ditch’ happens soon.
I come to dislike whiteguy, westerner, mainstream especially judaic-christian humans more by the hour.
Thanks, mum!

Face it, christians, you’re delusional, and, you’re retarded.

If you cannot be honest about this well known story [see link], you’re seriously retarded, not just normally retarded.

Christians bitch against Atheists’ mockery of christian stupidity, illogical beliefs and postulations, and christian’s rejection of this completely true story about the “false Jesus” the Vatican and other warped, elitist cult HQs are selling to the world, because, they’re too proud to admit they’re stupid, have been fooled BIGTIME, and cannot admit they’re wrong.

But, hey!  They’re gettin’ PAID!  As long as they can still afford to lie their way around, and eat, They shout “What’s the problem?”

So knowing where their bread and shelter comes from [church bribes], they go to war against Honest and Truth-speaking Dissenters, ignore what chaos their own bullshit beliefs cause in the world and in the occult realms, and live cowardly lives.

Gee!  I think I’ll vote for THEM?  [NOT!!]

The potential horror still active in this scam, of building and marketing a false Jesus, which is not yet admitted to nor faced up to by the culprit perpetrators, mainly the “Theosophical Society” [TS], is that the CIA, and Britain’s GCHQ spies are actively trying to manipulate the victim puppet [poor me] to keep fooling the mass of dumb, because they’re hypnotized, ‘flockers’, that he is Jesus.

He, I, categorical DENY any and all such allegations and assertions – for the record.

It is to be noted that the “TS” has a ‘headquarters’ close to hollywood,  [small ‘h’, out of disdain] in Pasadena, California, and for their warped designs on mass mind control [as per CIA’s “MK-Ultra”, the spread of LSD in the 1960s, and numerous others], have been behind most all of hollywood’s ‘hero genre’ films and movies, for many decades.  

Their founding organizers, the British elites [Cecil Rhodes, but one], also founded Britain’s secret societies, whence Alistair Crowley broke away and began his own ‘demon’ cult, and innumerable others, but also began the British and other western spy agencies, as mentioned above, MI5 & 6, Israel’s Mossad, and the CIA, etc.

As we all know only too well, they’re almost all totally crazy and uncontrollable now.  

All of them, have major sections within them, who have ‘gone rogue’ completely, and do disgustingly unethical things, on huge international scales, against anyone they see the opportunity to do over.

Much of what’s happening in the Middle East now, is because of these same nutters being let loose.

What can Sane Humans do?

Apart from a host of powerful personal things, like getting well away from mainstream western religion and culture, and of Uniting across as wide a region of the globe as you have connections to, with other conscientious objectors, to this mass mind control problem of ‘false god’, ‘false savior’ ‘faith-based’ religious cults, etc., and to lobby everyone to correct taxation laws to 100% Land Tax, Sane Humans are advised – sorry, I’d much prefer you all thought this out for yourselves – to


That’s about enough from lil’ me….

Brayakooloong Gunai Indigenous Outlaw




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