140705 Guardian Hillary Clinton Ed Snowden legal defense Comment



Edward Snowden should have right to legal defence in US, says Hillary Clinton

Former secretary of state tells Guardian that NSA whistleblower should return to US if he is serious in engaging in debate

Phoebe Greenwood

The Guardian, Saturday 5 July 2014 01.22 AEST




HRC appealing to the ‘lefties’, no doubt.


Sadly she’d destroy Snowden just to get into the bighouse.


Stay put, Ed!


Probably the most coached woman in US politics, if not globally, resorting to this rhetoric displays a probable last-ditched attempt – as her coaches advise – to lift her rating across the USA Democrat and female voting spectrum before she concedes and steps away from the try for the White House.


Our only problem with HRC not running, is whether whomever steps up for the Democrats, is better or worse?


VP Biden? Delaware? I do ‘like’ the ‘image’ of the guy, but the record of Delaware’s seriously rotten laws re corporations or whatever, has to make us all stand against anymore of the whole ‘left-right’ Republican/Democrat masquerade.


But, that’s not gonna happen this time around. So who?


Like Australia’s last fed parliament election, and with the massive wealth not all centred on the two US mainstream parties’ cabals, there’s a very bad apple in the barrel of US politrix, if they cannot do as our virtual political Outlaws here did, and get a number of Independents into the race?


The Huff Post has an item about how Americans are fed up, and writes that surveys suggest some increasing percentage of them are so angry “they are not gonna take it anymore”.


Great! About damned time USA!


So, enter the CREDIBLE Alternative Candidates!


Americans DO know the Best and MOST HONEST LAWS, they need. That they are so filthy rich, which probably tends against Good Government and against “sanity”, they should nevertheless, be able to fund more than one Candidate, from both alleged ‘sides’ of the game, but from outside the two biggies.


Surely all of the rich Thinkers of the USA have enough viable, to put the case for Proper Governance being a combo of regulation in policies, and the innovative and productive free market?


Clearly to now, the extremes of Republican “all corporate control of laws”, versus the Democrat “all government control”, and the constant feuds between each, only takes everyone down the shitter.


O! Just as America is going!


Right! SNAFU!


Go America! Hahahaha….


[Where’d that “Dennis Kucinich” Fella go?]




Brayakooloong Gunai Indigenous Outlaw




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