My BDS Movement against illegal Israel Email

140704 My BDS against illegal Israel Email

Got an email from BDS, which went to – surprise surprise, Israel’s insane assaults on Palestine since the alleged 3 Israeli youth were allegedly murdered, allegedly by HAMAS.

From my mountain, it’s clear Israel is off-it’s-rocker, mentally.

I think the whole world knows this, but whose gonna say it?


I will!


TO: BDS <>
The Levant.



Begin Campaigning upon the basis of Israel’s ‘leaders’, the top 10 [“percent” (I forgot to write in the email itself)], perhaps all of the political class, and it’s oligarchy, being mentally ill.

Approach all nations with this analysis.  

Gather respected psycho-analyses from around the world, supporting and confirming this.

Israel’s thinking and it’s actions of the last 66 years or so [6,000 years or so?], are that of dysfunctional minds.

The ‘cycle’, where such maladies are not asked about in public, has to be broken, but especially on the international fora.

Israel, is the leader in this dysfunction and failure to address it’s own psychoses.

Go to the top.

Appeal to Russia’s President Putin.  USA’s President Obama.  China’s President Xi.  All the way across and down the ladder of power.  

Avoid the British and European.  They’re unhealthy in this regard, in my opinion.

Avoid the religious cults too.  Same malady, basically.

These types, fear most any such analysis, assessments, which challenge that ‘proud’ and arrogant element beneath their physical/military might.

Forget, ‘politics’.  Even ‘economics’ is relatively pointless in your Battle, because they suffer from damaged, bad, delusional mentalities, thinking processes, and of course, beliefs.

However, from the crucible of all Abrahamic ‘faiths’, Palestine, and all of Islam, does also have to face their own ‘faith-based’ maladies, errors, in how religion does ‘mess’ with the mind’s processes.

This whole affair, in Palestine, the existence of today’s illegal state of Israel, the other wars across the Middle-East, are all mental health issues.

Use that, in Your Just War, against Israel.



Brayakooloong Gunai Indigenous Outlaw




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