“Jesus”, the bad metaphor for “central economic control of the world”

And the christians preachers preach  “Jesus died for your sins!

 And, they preach, and have signs that read, [which inspired this e-ssay],


Jesus was invented to die for his Aboriginal Land
Jesus was invented to die for his Aboriginal Land

 This, is a terrible manipulation, indeed, an ‘evil’ manipulation of that rubbish story, the myth about Jesus, from start to finish.

 And some christians say “Jesus has to go to Hell and stay there for a while, but then he’ll be ‘lifted up’ to heaven, to rule forever!”

 I’d like to know ‘when’ that twist on the Jesus story was first written, or invented? It may be in the last book, of “revelation”. Must try find it.

 What the conniving christian priesthood haven’t told the faithfools, is that the church itself has fabricated the latest version of “Jesus” who is not at all “Jesus”, but is a puppet. A male Australian (by no coincidence, for another e-ssay, if I remember), born illegitimate, to a woman stolen from her Indigenous family as a child, abused and put under their evil, heavy witchcraft for 6 years imprisoned in a catholic convent, to be turned into the mother of this bastard child.

 The christian churches don’t tell the world that side of their little “Jesus” story.

 According to the draconian, indeed ‘dark ages’ evil catholic beliefs, a bastard is an evil child, so does not deserve the protection ‘baptism’ gives, by the church, from the world of shadows, and dark forces of the occult.

 Thus as the sick church deems him evil, he’s born to be abused, so badly that he dies young, for one thing.

 Other abuses are to bring out his occult powers. This, is very important in making a mythological ‘god’.

 Jesus, like all other ancient ‘gods’ from the west and Middle East, was labeled the ‘Sun god’. I guess that had something to do with the advertized ability in him to ‘bring light to the world’, which is another very very very ancient myth from well before even the judaic cult religions began. That-is, as-it-were, well before even ‘Adam and Eve’, and their recent eviction from the mythological Garden of Eden.

 I’d also estimate, that the ‘power’ to bring light to the world, is old, but once was understood and honestly known and thus, appreciated by the people’s of those most ancient times, epochs.

 Because, the tag ‘Sun god’, is totally occult. A person who is made, knowingly, consciously, or not, to have their ‘fire chakra’ their stomach glands, become over active, can actually influence the weather, and with the emission of the psychic heat from their 3rd, fire chakra, they can effect the subtle occult world around them.

 If the practice, or the subtle occult forces are concentrated upon the person’s fire chakra for a prolonged time, for years, for decades, they can have massive effects on weather, enough to, not so much ‘make the Sun shine’ or ‘bring light unto the world’ but merely send out so much psychic heat from their stomach, or fire chakra, that the air around them, and, combined with other ‘religious’ disciplines, of mind control [remember the CIA is watching!], the air dries up, dispelling the moisture, or, the clouds.

 I guess, that not everyone knew as much as they could have, or should have about witchcraft, about the occult, and about the powers we do all possess, mostly latent, in us, in the fallen epoch, covering history back many thousands of years, during which power-hungry rulers used witchcraft, and their priests to control the people, to ‘[put the fear of god’ in them, etc].

 And, as we know now, “knowledge is power!”

 So, not telling the masses, misinforming them, building false myths especially designed to frighten the masses into submission, and adding more falsities about gods, and about kings being gods, and thus kings having the powers of gods, to ‘bring light unto the world’, weakens the masses immensely, frightens them stupid, which is what fear does, it stops us being able to ‘divine’ from our own inner source, our own inner light, our own spirit, or our own consciousness, the truth about everything, and, the strength to fight ignorance.

 But when it comes to things like economic advantage, economic and it’s decrepit poor parasitic cousin, politics, for a regime to have this type of myth for the idiots, most reduced to weaklings, afraid of going without, adding a grand myth that a ‘hero figure’, no matter to the advertizing department that it’s false as Hell, coming back to save the masses from both their own stupidity, but also from the evil pieces of shit monarchs making the world Hell, is very attractive.

 Being so misinformed and so stupid to not be able to see whose behind the creation of the myth, and why, helps the monarchs immensely.

 The main ‘job’ of the churches, is to spread the lies and myths they also create about the puppet they label “Jesus. And, for all the overwhelming forces constantly applied to them, the masses are spellbound by the stories and the alleged power he has.

 This ‘game’ of power, began thousands of years ago.

 To have their plan succeed, the christian cults – once more, a complete fabrication of the ancient Roman and Hebrew elites – today, are both, buying people off by the minute across the globe, to have them stay silent about their massive crimes, and, if people object, the same cults employ piece of shit brutal mercenaries, the bribe-taking police forces, once generally stupid slaves to the elites’ occult, and affiliated crime syndicate gangsters, to destroy the objectors’ lives.

[The western ‘allied’ forces, of NATO and their aligned nations’ military, are also part of this endless global putsch to have complete power of the whole planet.  This is exactly what’s behind, what ‘s driving the madness we see and read about on the latest news.  The turmoil in the Ukraine, Syria, Egypt, Libya, south across Africa, to Pakistan, Afghanistan, world-over, covering wars of the last 100 years (1914-2014!), is all the same putsch.]

 “Jesus” or the myth, is them, the Roman-Israeli powers [via the British-American, Russian and Chinese elite (the Chinese were brought into compliance after the 1860s-on “Opium wars” of the British invading and conquering the ‘east’)]  covering their asses on the ‘religious front’, appealing to the not-unnatural propensity of the human being, to ‘wonder’ in the least, about ‘all-things-spiritual’, and to cater for their uninformed inquiries about that ‘mystical’ aspect of our existence.

 Me, I am quite sure that there is a more important ‘spiritual’ being which is us, which we must know about and put highest on our list of priorities in life, over all the bullshit about the material world and about getting rich, bitch.

 But this “Jesus” mythology is not at all related to people finding their own liberation. It is about keeping us subservient to the masters of the occult, the religions and their masters.

 That-is, the masters, the huge hierarchy, administration infrastructure and spin-off industries and workforces, ALL from the churches schools, colleges, grammars and universities, which have grown over centuries “in the favor of the monarchies”, to maintain the illusion of central, basically totalitarian control of the world.

 This worldwide construct which ensures religion remains a paying business, for the totally false priesthood, etc. Hence the priests keep protecting the monarchs and their peers from the masses.  And altogether, they keep the land distribution laws corrupt, the world and species divided (into little, “kings’ estates”, ie., nations), at war, needing drugs, and as slaves to ‘mortgages’ and ever-rising rents, and services prices.

 They all, pay their products, the ‘graduates’ from their schools, colleges, universities, not wages nor salaries, but bribes to stay mute on the fundamental economic corruptions, and thus to support their interests, etc. ‘Banks’ too, are part of that massive cabal’s network.

 All done, purely so the elite families of the western, white, judaic-christian world, primarily the Brit-European “House of Hanover”, can keep their insane, excessive, monarchic privileges.

 The church itself, across the globe, across all it’s branches, and in partisan with the other major false god, false savior cults, of judaism, freemasonry, and, leading the manipulation and charge, is the most evil British secret society, “the Theosophical Society”, are behind the whole untrue fabrication of the (latest) Jesus myth.

 These filthy cults, all of the 1st world white judaic-christian nations, are so controlling everything of his, their puppet’s life, they’re making it Hell for him, merely to fool the masses, and, I guess, to put the fear of the devil up the flockers, by showing them the puppet’s miserable fate, and telling them that if people don’t do things their way, the people will suffer as he is, under their evil hexes.

 Yet none of the christians understand it.

 Let alone the fools, the crimainals fighting everyone for the same junk the wealthy abuse, all, still living the excessive UNsatisfying lives, the christian/cRapitalist culture sells them.  “Materialism for UNhappiiness”.

 “Jesus”, that is, my-miserable-self, being the ‘false prophet’, aka the ‘false puppet‘ the catholic cabal has tried to build and fool the world with, has found out too late that he has been ‘done-over’ by the catholics, jews and others hypnotized to ‘believe’ in him, and for their blind efforts supporting this completely evil fabrication, are the same ones, sending him to their Hell.

 Somewhere in the bible (I think?  It may not be biblical?) , it says “If you are told, ‘Look over there, it’s Jesus! Go and see for yourself!” or something similar. And it goes on to advise that if someone tells you that, you are wise to NOT go looking for the one supposed to be Jesus or god or the savior.

 Other ‘religious’ and Philosophic traditions tell similar stories about false religious cults trying to fool people into believing in a god or a savior. Buddhism I think, probably Zen Buddhism, one.

 But, thinking that this reference and advice is in the bible, then the religions of that same book of faith, the jewish-christian bible, are doing exactly as their texts tell the people not to do!

 So?  Who then, are ‘the evil’ ones? And who then, should die, for, not YOUR sins, but for their own?

 The religions’ leaders who spin that bullshit to the world!

 This is such an huge plan. For several decades even the CIA has been playing with this occult manipulation.

 Most of us know the CIA was created by the British secret services ‘foreign office’ MI6, in the late 1940s.

 What most do NOT know is that MI6, the CIA and other international spy agencies, including Australia’s ASIO and the rest, have all been working in collusion with, yes, ‘hollywood’, and British film industry, (and probably European ones too, but as I only know English, I can’t say) to twist what people think, and come to believe about a messiah, a super hero, and, the ultimate one is the god like character.

 The infamous CIA secret mind control project “MK-Ultra”, had more to it than most realize.

 One being an extension of this same religious cult attempt to fabricate a ‘reborn’ Jesus.

 The sole purpose, as I say, was to fool the masses, the billions worldwide into having faith in a central figurehead, a king, who is born to rule, exactly like the monarchs of Britain, and the other wealthy nations have. But this joker they tried to build, was built to be king over the whole planet!


 Now, to be fair, not all monarchs are greedy psychopaths. And not all of them regard themselves as gods.

 And, distinguishing a person’s self-confidence and self-belief from a delusional self-belief that they are god, or one of the ‘gods’, as apart from all the ‘lowly’ Humans, is important.

 Most ‘royalty’ of this age, I’d say, know that they’re born into fabulous and well protected lives and endless wealth, with all the hoopla and privileges, and that they only need play the game, enjoy it, and they’ll be OK.  This has become ingrained into the traditions of the cultures and of the nations, over many centuries, often set, adjusted and manipulated by the cronies, peers and underling parasites, the thousands of administrators, etc.

Mostly, they’re not equipped with the want, the strength, tenacity nor the depth of wisdom, altogether, ‘the political will‘, to correct the system away from what is essentially an ancient system of managing corruption.

 Where monarchs do really have any influence in establishing, correcting or maintaining Proper Laws, which should be their key role, they are constantly under immense pressure from the aforesaid cronies, peers, administrators, etc.  So most monarchs today are not at all monarchs in the true sense of the word, which means “one person rules”.

 And, it’s been a long long time, in the ‘west’ at least, since monarchs were not off the true path of proper governance of the kingdoms, such that True Laws prevailed and were not subverted by – the cronies and contenders [?], by enemies, and by greasy manipulators, ie., ‘greasy manipulators‘ being those who’ve become generically known today as – politicians!  And, media moguls!

 So, as the whole structure has grown to being a global hierarchy, and the monarchs, using their own manipulative forces – armies, secret covens, witches, priests, whole religious nations of faithfools, and advertising and marketing corporations – to keep the faithfool worshipers onside, to protect them and to wage war against Dissenters and Detractors, and other unaligned monarchic nations, and Communists, so it has become a game of paying-off as many as they come across, especially any who might otherwise Dissent and Defy what most people do know as evil mal-distribution of every lands’ resources.

 Those who still don’t want to come on-board, are killed, or if larger than a small village, are gone to war against.

 “All in the name of Jesus!”

 “Jesus” is really a metaphor for monarchies, and their greedy entourages, who get rich and live in luxury because they are attached in whatever way, to the monarchs’ ‘royal houses’. ET cetera.

 So, when we see signs outside churches going to the “Jesus saves”, [Moses invests! HAHA NO, no..] slogan, but worse, sadly, the “Jesus died for your sins”, and “Jesus was born to die for you”, you gotto get angry with the churches, and all their greasy lame-brained secret agents, who’re trying their ruthless mercenary hardest to make the most evil untruth, appear to ‘come true’.

 As they say “It wuz a miracle!”

 Yeah, they just happen to forget to say that a ‘miracle’ is merely witchcraft.

 And, in these types of manipulations of our minds, pockets, families AND the world around us, it is very very VERY BLACK magic.

 So it’d be very nice of the piece of shit methodist preacher around the corner from my rented sheds, in Gympie’s Southside, Queensland, to take down his “Ain’t I a clever idiot! sign” I drove passed today, which reads,


 in BLOCK letters, of curse. [Yep.  TYPO!  of course?]

 I ask him, through the ether he uses to fuck with me, as do the CIA….;

 What YOU gonna die for, preacher?

 It’s no coincidence that this sign is there.  Around the corner from my rented sheds.  Storage sheds I moved my stuff into from northern NSW, after 13-plus years of ‘loitering’ around Nimbin, the Australian, catholic, occult “Alternative ‘Hippie’ Culture” branch of the Theosophical Society [where all self-interested, catholics of the ‘pleasant inheritances’ cult/s congregate on ‘communes’ [NOT!] and get stoned, and run the illegal cannabis growing industry in Australia from, and, subvert all Noble tries at correcting the cannabis laws].

Me, until 2005 totally unaware of this heinous conspiracy centred on – WHAAAH?!@#$%^ – on ME???, 

It’s no coincidence that this sign is there.  Around the corner from my rented sheds.  because, I, that false Jesus, whom the above-mentioned cults have ‘conceived’, birthed and built, ie., used the occult upon, since conception, and have manipulated my ‘being’, to be their fall-guy [hence the sign’s “was born to die for you” bullshit], have been going hard at exposing this myth.

But, also doing everything in my power, to expose the general, totally unethical and corrupt nature of all christian cults, on internet media sites, in whichever media online comments pages I can, of articles which lead to the same general subjects, of

churches paying their way, TAXING RELIGIONS but one way, or


questioning their false dogma, faith AND,

the cruelest fact that the churches, exactly as this local methodist church around the corner does, make most of their money from, corrupting the land distribution and taxation laws, making themselves billions, and keeping the rest of us, slaves.

Slaves also not-so-slowly going crazier by the day, as often because of this same christian deception, included in the whole ‘false-god’ story, plus the extra embellishments they keep adding to gloss over passed exposures and proven errors in their ‘fascinating‘ myth-making.

 The preacher makes the sign, but is he man enough to also fire the bullet that kills me?

 Of course not. He, but of course much higher up the cult hierarchy, someone with the connections and ‘authority’ (NOT!),  pays an idiot mercenary slave to do it!

Calling Hell’s Angels!




Brayakooloong Gunai Indigenous Outlaw


All Praise the Immortals!

All Praise the Warriors who have fallen

Fighting for a Just World!




BleckGreen – Red

Wisdom Intelligence – Honor
















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