Rolf Harris, the fall guy?

The Rolf Harris conviction is a vindication of Operation Yewtree
The police investigation into historic sexual abuse was labelled a witch-hunt. But now, thankfully, the message is clear: no one is above the law
Joan Smith
The Guardian, Tuesday 1 July 2014 04.30 AEST


I’ve been reading and commenting on the general problem the world faces of pedophilia for a couple of decades now, and so have been open to reading articles from various alternative online news pages going to the same issue.

Possibly…, possibly, the rest of the world, has really followed Australia’s lead in inquiries into mainly, 1stly, religion-based pedophile networks?  Whatever, these exposures, inquiries and outcomes have brought out many of our world’s problems in this regard, where, not so long ago, it was dangerous to talk at all about them.  As they say, “the walls have ears!!”.

However, tragically, I’m quite sure that what the public gets to hear about, is but the tiniest percentage of the complete picture, of catholic or Salvo’ or military pedophile rings feeding off any source, be they their own orphanages’ or barrack’s kids and recruits, or from disaster events, where many kids’ parents and whole villages/communities are wiped out, leaving the surviving kids vulnerable to international predator organizations, as mentioned above, to fly-in-fly-out, with groups of kids, soon to become sex-slaves of some perverted secret cult’s elite.

Alternative online media, sure, many dubious in what they purport, are where to find this type of exposure, and after reading most of the ones I have, I’m forced to sit back, and in a mild stunned ‘wonder’, I ask “how credible?  how possible, can these reports, but these descents into the least moral behavior, be?”

One report, perhaps the most shocking I’ve seen, from an American woman, recounting in stunning detail, not of the sexual exploits she was slave to as a child, but the shocking detail of times and places, and, of the supposedly upstanding leaders of the, USA, Britain and others – presidents, prime ministers, lords, congressmen, ‘movie stars’, and such – all from the planet’s wealthiest dynastic families and cults, and even her recounting of the conversations she had, in startling detail, as in, I expect the more pertinent words, the phrases and terms employed during their encounters, put to her, are signs that we humans are in serious trouble.

Years ago now, I spoke to a guy from Adelaide, in South Australia, who tried to talk of the pedophile rings alive in that “City of churches”, where the most senior members of the state’s judiciary, and politician were regular abusers, of himself, and of orphaned children.

A few months ago, I posted something to the Google Plus “Conversations” pages, only to be ‘hounded off’ that site, by a lot of others, many ‘Moderators’.  The image they objected to, went to the world’s urgent need to, as I put it, “TAX THE SHIT OUT OF RELIGION”, and around those main words, amidst the admittedly very ugly layout, I pasted words going to pedophilia, and other church crimes.

Later, after much ‘furor’ from the ‘team’ at that G+ site, I pondered, and concluded that America may well be drowning in an uncontrollable plague of pedophilia.  And, not giving it any excuse, but ‘why not?’ The USA is drowning in about every other form of excess and perversion, so why be surprised to hear that there are masses of kid-bangers?

If the earlier-mentioned woman’s accounts were true, which I do believe they were, then this is probably close to correct.  So, we cannot exclude the likelihood that the same exists right across the, western at least, world.

Australia also, no doubt.

So, seeing this ‘witch-hunt’ going for the jugular of one of my childhood musical and entertainment heroes, Rolf Harris, coming after the post-humus exposure of the British family favorite, entertainer Jimmy Saville, and his pedophilia antics, then weighing all I’ve read, and deduced to have truth in their reports, about all much higher-up public figures who’ve been ‘banging kids’ in much more regular, perverse and junior fashion/s, it’s impossible for me to not conclude that for all Rolf’s convicted AND admitted, guilt, here, reported to be of the relatively minuscule number of 12 victims, or charges, he is being sent to infamy, probably prison, penury and disgrace, purely as a distraction, by culpable mainstream media -The Guardian also, perhaps – as something of a ‘sacrifice’ to the gods of boy-bangers, the sacrificial lamb, to satisfy some perverse media and power-hungry mob, and to keep the media off the backs of the bigger bastardizers, from Britain’s and USA’s and other 1st world nations’ elite.

I see these reports, and sensationalizing of just one, yes, popular-to-children figure, more as the possibly-equally-perverse mainstream media getting it’s fill, satisfying it’s own twisted lust for the perverse, and to then leave the issue, and thus the much more heinous culprits, the world’s most elite politicians and clergy, off the exposure, allegations and charges’ lists.

Frankly, aware of my own tendency to look less severely, more sympathetically even, upon this, one of my few, distant, television favorites, I still say he should not be so demonized.

With the rampaging religious cults assuming so much unwarranted authority across the globe, perhaps since the earliest Roman empire attached religion to it’s banners as it went a plundering, and still does, hence most of our global warring woes, and demise, to single out one bloke, who then, me, a kid, watching on tele, him far far away and above my society, who DID give millions of kids so much clean, honest, straight joy, which I’ll cherish to my grave, in song, amazing artistic talents all-round, general on-screen chats, laughs and warmth, I go to war, well, I take issue, with those who want to defame him, merely to satisfy and secrete the far far more evil lusts and propensities of far far more influential people.

I can’t ever ‘condone’ pedophilia.  I do know there’s a lot of ‘unspoken business’ as much, behind it’s plague today, and has been for centuries, many centuries.  Pedophilia is integral with the secret ‘cult wars’ raging globally, and I guess, from all I’ve seen and read, it’s not all about perverse pleasure-seeker adults.

“Winning future fighters” is as much why so many cults do fuck children.  But hey!  Not at all ignoring or trying to gloss over the apparent perversions which arise in already culturally spoiled adults.

What the whole exposure of pedophilia, the extent it permeates most western cultures and societies, does do, or should do, is bring the underlying issues of sex and the occult, to the fore of social, legal and, most importantly, cultural debate.

[What more can we say, of course, about ‘sex’, than is already smacking us across the chops?]

Kids know all about it now.  There’s no going back to the ‘pre-hippie’ era, where we were taught that people come out of fucking cabbages [without the ‘fucking’, sorry!].

If kids want something badly enough, and mum and dad say NO! then the kids will go around them.

Having little discernment, if they’re exciting themselves alone, and getting onto porn, to exaggerate their excitement, sooner or later, they’ll be out somewhere the folks don’t know of, sniffing around for some eager adult male, usually male.  But we do hear of women being charged with the same on kids.  That probably goes on much more, like in general, than we ever hear about.

A subject we ALL have to talk about publicly, and in far more honorable and open terms than leaving it to trash tabloid media to try shock us over, and thus to make the conversations only denigrating of those in the constant awe of kids, who we must honestly expect to succumb.

Not trying to elevate Rolf Harris to hero status, more than I already remember him as being to myself, but a bit of ADULT maturity is required here, across the planet, otherwise tabloid bullshit reporters and editors and moguls, will be allowed to keep avoiding THE issues, perhaps which bring this type of ‘dystopia’ into being in the first place?

And not nearly as criminal, nor perverse people, possibly much more Honorable and innocent People, like Rolf Harris, will be nothing more than ‘fall-guys’ while the really evil PoS get away with their crimes.

Brayakooloong Gunai Indigenous Outlaw


All Praise the Immortals!
All Praise the Warriors who have fallen

Fighting for a Just World!

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