Purple Moth


The ‘purple’ here, is but a shadow of how strong it is in these moths. In the right light, they shine a deep purple, and one can easily get all mushy about their ‘regal’ coloring. The ‘eyes’ too, are much stronger blues. And…, the ‘face’ discernible with a little imagination, in the top centre of the moths’ back, often looks so like a Smiling Buddha. This one, looks ‘more Chinese’, with his eyes closed, and with two long and splaying mustaches. “Lao Tzu” perhaps?

Nature, for Atheists too, is Sublime, in what it makes. I refuse to believe mankind can get near ‘imitating’ or reproducing or bettering Nature’s Beauties.

Pity if a few million corporate CEOs, politicians, or the merely common few billion whiteguy materialists and hi-tech junkies, could get close to understanding these sentiments, from their own observations of the Natural World.



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