3 Israeli’s die for War

Bodies of three missing Israeli teenagers found in West Bank

Naftali Frankel, Gilad Shaar and Eyal Yifrach were kidnapped while hitchhiking back from their religious schools
Peter Beaumont in Jerusalem and Orlando Crowcroft in El Ad
The Guardian, Tuesday 1 July 2014 06.58 AEST


Expecting a bombing from Tel Aviv for this, but this sad event has to be seen through the larger lens.

Alternative, and American, online news sites gave credible reports, so not seen on BBC etc., that the recent invasion and takeovers in Iraq, by ISIS and ISIL, were brought into being for the funding and prompting of the US CIA.

As seems to be typical, underpowered Outlaws, such as the Islamists of the Mid-East, Et Al, will accept everything the west offers them if it helps their Resistance to the corrupt hegemony of the world, aka Israel [Funny how that word keeps popping into my REALPolitik comments?], and the super stupid fools of wealth and weaponry, the Brits, Eurape and – the USA.

And typically, they end up going to war against the same mad bastards who gave them the power to?

What a topsy-turvy world?

Nevertheless…, as all these situations have been sponsored and invented by the western powers, dating back well over 100 years by now, there’s nothing we can read about ,such as these sad alleged kidnappings and deaths of 3 Israeli youths, which can be not included as some way an excuse, for the mad powers to keep warring.

1st, being down-under-down-the-British/zionist sewer in Astrayliar, with our completely half-honorable media [EDIT; completely quarter-honorable media!] feeding us anything that advances their agenda of keeping us dumb and lame, so-as to not REVOLT, did this kidnap-murder event even actually occur???

Because it gets on every media news bulletin and online window, makes it NOT the truth! We all are coming to accept.

And who stands to benefit from making up a story like this?

Another excuse, like Saddam Hussien’s WMDs, to start another unholy war against the owners of THE OIL?

Another ‘false flag’ like the allegations months ago of the Assad Syrian govt deploying chemical weapons on it’s own civilians?  Proven untrue!

Surely not? It is being marketed by Tel Aviv as the reason for them to bomb more shit out of Palestine.

Not a good time to further enrage the amassing Islamic forces, at possibly their largest and most effective capacities, in ISIS and ISIL?  Adding of course, the various other Islamic Nations’ military, altogether in one few thousand square kilometres

Still, of course, NO MATCH, against the massive unnerground bunkers’ full of BIG nuclear warhead rockets beneath Israel!.

Whatwith Israel’s M.A.D., policies of all-out ‘end-of-the-worldworld war last one scenario still lingering in their frantic wall-banging orthodox heads, is this how they hope to start a mini nuclear battle across the ‘evil’ [NOT] Islamic world, while there’s the mass of ISIS/ISIL Warriors all crowded together, right next door?

Israel is that M.A.D., I am certain.

I bet, all those illegal Israeli settlements across the West Bank are also fitted out with huge underground nuclear-war-proof bunkers.

3 Israeli youth?

Let the conspiracy theorists interpret their names, to see what they can divulge as the real situation?

I expect millions of Harry Potter experts are at it right now.

Just sayin’….



Brayakooloong Gunai Indigenous Outlaw


All Praise the Immortals!

All Praise the Warriors who have fallen

Fighting for a Just World!

from the Travelling 4×4 Tent of





BleckGreen – Red

Wisdom Intelligence – Honor















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