Police, religions, sink all to the bottom

After decades of terrorism from Australia’s police, still healthy and, just, sane enough to keep up my DEFIANCE against their malicious ignorance, and, finding, or coming to accept that I’m so deep in the shit, from the Theosophical Society, which also has descended below the lowest behavior, down to subhuman thinking and acting, and having know that google inc., are as ready to fuck me over as any, I changed to WordPress, under the illusion that the operators might be more mature, not so hypnotized by California’s riches and hollywood “we can do ANYTHING?” immaturity.

“Virtually” anything, that is, which
1, makes hollywood’s zionist production houses, trillions, from the suckers who flock in
2, to be hypnotized even more with every new movie release, and
3, caring nothing about the calamity they are creating out of virtual reality, into reality-reality across the planet where billions of people are loosing the plot – just like the heroes of hollywood are showing them, ‘how to!’ on the big screeeen – WOW!

Zion doesn’t give a shit, like christianity and freemasonry and all the rich whiteguy cults running rampant through any kid’s head, which has been ‘touched’ by television, or DVDs or hollywood type shit.

To now, I can’t be sure that the idiots I’ve written openly and honestly about, including my quite insane brother, my mum, and sister too, are not so far gone from sanity that they are leaving me homeless and busted, that I lose it, and either get myself incarcerated for some crime of passion, or for mere frustration, for being unable to do anything, not even learn how to work the WordPress software.

But hollywood is at least as culpable for sending me nuts. WHERE’S MY BILLIONS, SCHWARZENEGGAR???

But, persistent I remain, even while, unsure if my exile and thus lack of usual learning from mates [ha!] on “how to”, do things, is why this WordPress program is so difficult to figure out, even just to set-up the layout of the new blog pages and post.

But, taking the risk, I still think that there’s something seriously wrong in the common mentality of computer and internet software programmers, that figuring the configuring is nigh-on impossible.

Either that, or I’m so far behind the rest of today’s ‘unduvuduuls’ because with the hi-tech race being so far ahead, of me, what with the speedy magical uploading of programming capabilities into their minds, they are leaps and bounds ahead of me, in otherwise simple ‘language’ and comprehension tasks like figuring out which way of the several options they seem to plonk in to their programs I should use to set-up my new blog pages to any comfortable reading layout.

But hey! Having knowledge is power. And with the ever more shallow minds of today’s ‘techie gen’, there is not the slightest amount of care about those left behind, who do not have the language and ‘coding’ skills to go about what should be, and I’m fucking certain, not all that long ago, were, easy tasks.

These ‘kids’ although many are as old as I, at almost 60, are so self-centred as to clearly be the worst threat the planet and species has ever confronted.

Good Job! CRAPitalism!!! Good job! judaic-christianity! Good Job! ZIONISM???

THIS, type of aloof wealth-based ignorance, is precisely what Islam and other Dissidents against the ‘viral’ spread of whiteguy madness, is all about.

But as long as the techies and the billions of their kind are well away from the poverty, from hunger, from warring frontlines and suicide bombings against their ilk and new age culture, they don’ GIVE a shit!

That’s why we see the richtown technologists blithely dreaming on and up, all manner of quite clearly delusional hi-tech shit, as-if there are no wars in play, as if there are no nations being fucked over by the grate – yep – GRATING – America, or EurApe, or BrUtannia, or Astrayliar’s whiteguys, and as if the Great Mum Eartha is not already hemorrhaging from our ignorant abuse and over use of resources and the mechanisms to FUCK EVERYTHING.

I really don’t know now, if life DOES carry on after death of the physical body, nor whether the spirit does travel on either to be free of the material biology, or to be reborn into a new body?

But I do really hope something like that DOES happen. Because even with my living anger and limitless resentment at whiteguy zion’s keeping me so fucked over, I still believe if I am to live on out of the current program, I’ll be that much freer and more powerful again, and will, remembering this tragic world or life or not, find cause, Just Cause, to do some massively powerful damage to the souls of every malignant joker who has so messed my current, otherwise, highly benevolent and successful being over.

Seismic scientists are predicting that in but a few decades, California, and all of the west coast of north America, will sink violently into the beautiful gray Pacific Ocean.

Brutain, EuRape, Astrayliar also, are vulnerable to extreme devastating seismic eruptions over the coming period.

Then…, there was Israel?

Judeo-christ-apitalism“, the whore of this Magnificent Solar System.


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