Bulk Comments Upload

from APRIL to June 2014




Since April this year, I’ve stopped posting my comments on mainly political issues which hit the headlines, in Australia and globally.


Now, late June, I’ve amassed over 120 “e-ssays” as I call them. So, seeing leaving them too long, making it impossible to ever put them onto my blog, I’m gonna throw as many up from today.


The sad thing is they go out of date, after too long, what with the short media window items have. So it goes!


Also, after 10 years using Google’s “Blogspot” web pages as my portal, I’ve finally jumped ship, and now am trying WordPress, seeing it as a more sincere and perhaps mature website, for political and current affairs blog posts.


While I DO appreciate Google’s advances across the internet with all it’s utterly fantastic facilities, like maps, satellite, and other tools, I have watched the internet grow, as we all have, and am convinced too much techie-virtual reality sends people insane, off into an evermore unreal world, so they tend to create ridiculous and incomprehensible, incoherent products.


As Google’s in a leading place on the internet and web designs, I also see they are forced, due to the deep flaws in cRapitalism, of having to keep inventing mostly, and increasingly useless shit, just to stay afloat, financially.


So, they are forced to ‘know no bounds’ and so stretch, yes the ‘virtually’ unlimited parameters of inventions into being just plain fucking stupid. Or, as I think is happening with their otherwise excellent “Maps and Satellite” functions, where the producst become unworkable, unless the user is also right up with the developments and ‘codes’ and methods if using the stuff.


Also, having been a cultural psychologist for decades, merely for an interest in what and how the wider aspects of daily and even millennial life is effected and effects everyone, individually and culturally, I have no doubt at all, though receive endless barrages of online stalking and harassment for it, that without a fairly strict level of minute-by-minute ‘self-control’, as-in avoiding unconscious addictions, going to regimenting daily routines to clean-out our psychological software of the dross we cannot avoid ‘downloading’, today’s greatest threat to sanity, is the hi-tech revolution and it’s internet.


Working in that field is showing itself as being very dangerous.


But, HEY! As with all modern social and employment realms, we remain almost completely ignorant of the perils of simply being paid, so making us able to buy the essentials without considering all aspects in terms of personal health, physical and psychological, and the larger effects on – the culture.


But, I’m sure Google’s employees, in the design sections, have lost the plot, and are now quite insane.


Nothing personal. It’s the new culture, no question.


But, being the leading region – Silicon Valley, Californication, Untied States of America – in technological or at least software development, with massive and brilliant subsets, and, being that small but biggest moneymaking state of the USA, most of them are being paid huge wages and salaries, so madness is unavoidable for the masses of the US west coast.


Such is cRapitalism!


So, as best I can figure, I’m gonna dump as many of my comments, which have been mainly on The Guardian’s online news pages, in large posts.


If I find cause, I’ll add stuff to them. But it’s now too big a dump to go back through each one. And hopefully, I remembered on the day, to copy and paste all the links to the media outlets news items in the titles.


Yippee? Not……


Also, something which ‘irks’ me a little, but I unnerstand its reason, is that the posts are essentially ‘upsidedown’ as-in each new post goes on top of the last, and so-on. So, as I’m posting from April, each dump, in groups of however many I can cram into each single dump, is gonna be readable in reverse. But I guess online readers are used to that way things are laid out. So I’ll shut-up about it.


A! Also, though it’s time-consuming, and takes up more space, I refuse to not include my somewhat characterizing ‘signature’ after each post, even on this mass-dump.


I do so, so people who might copy the item/s, can get the signature too, which I put after every post, going back a decade, out of Respect for, as it says,


All Praise the Immortals!

All Praise the Warriors who have fallen

Fighting for a Just World!


“the Immortals” are actually my own Indigenous Gunai-Gurnai-Kurnai Ancestors of south eastern Australia, whom the invader ‘pioneers’ from Britain massacred to extinction.

It was the white invaders who recognized the “Immortal” Beings my Ancestors were, not my addition alone.

The little gold mining village of “Walhalla” in Gippsland, where my Grand-Father and his Siblings were raised after the invasion and [witnessing] their Nation’s massacre, to be ‘whiteguys’, so, ‘my’ country, is so named because it’s an ancient Nordic word meaning “Halls of the slain Immortals”, which may interpret also as the portal the Souls of Immortals pass through, to their Eternal Heaven.

I’m now a confirmed Atheist, but nevertheless, quite believe in those True Fellas’ Heaven.

And, the rest of the ‘signature’ simply has readers remember my overall Causes for Global Reforms.

Reforms, as far as I’m concerned, every Human Being must have as their own also.

Suck it up, reader! It’s good for your Souls. Whether you’re intelligent enough to recognize you have a Soul, or not.

 Also, being right out of all the usual frenemies one has in society, I don’t get hints and helping real-being assistance, and as I’m just starting out with WordPress [already a piss-off for it’s unfamiliar, and to me, at least, a little illogical software layouts and operations], this is gonna be painful. So forgive any errors.

So that’s the intro to the next series of bulk dumps into as few blogposts as I can manage, if I survive, to 

APRIL 2014


Have fun getting sad from reading my miserable shit [hahahaha]

Have a laugh at me too, because I’m being hacked now, and the software is changing as I try to edit and post. so I’m not gonna give a shit about the  mad zionist idiots from the Theosophical Society, one being “ROBERT LOWRY” alleged Queensland police badge, fronting as a “Detective Senior Constable, No; 9049, and his sidekick, CRAIG CABLE badge; 19552, who’ve been terrorizing me, generally interfering with every aspect of my life, to distort my thinking, by deploying their insane cult’s witchcraft upon me, into playing their puppet Jesus for, as best as I recall, some 16 or 17 years. 

Like my pedophile brother Donald Walter Cook and his Australian Army pedophile brethren.  Rot in Hell Don.  You are an utterly unforgivably mentally retarded idiot, beyond any recuperation from your 60 years of sickness.

As for rural Queenslanders…. Ha!

You’ll get yours

And, lastly, in terms of insults,

Google, you’re techies are quite insane.  I wrote a short note to the Google “Report a problem” slot on their new Google Maps the other day, which went to that fact.  But HEY!  Every shrink knows it’s impossible to tell well paid, that-is overpaid whiteguys they’re losing the plot.


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