Cult terrorism involving police

I remember an incident in about 1998, perhaps a year or two later, at a Nimbin NSW meeting one evening, where a guy I’d met, or who introduced himself to me, one David Adams, was giving a talk on esoteric affairs and how they influence our minds.  Dave was a very intelligent fella, and we discussed several of the topics before the meeting, which was attended by about 25 to 30 people from the area.

But before he could get through his talk, which held the audiences attention well, for it was ‘deep’ and challenging the mainstream perceptions as I recall, a tall youngish male began to shout David down, and before long the meeting had to be stopped because the guy was shouting, deliberately stopping David’s talk from proceeding.

The interjector was shouting the ‘virtues’ of the Theosophical Society [TS], saying things like “the only place to find out about these matters was at the TS centre in Lismore” the nearest northern NSW regional town, 31 kilometres away.

David was apparently a bit ‘shattered’ by this, but calmed down once the noisy fool had gone.

I knew nothing about what I’d been set-up to be, then.  But several years later, it slowly began to become known to me.

I was not only ‘born’ to be the same cult’s puppet, but had been planned for about 100 years prior to being born.


The Theosophical Society, the world’s most influential cult, being the occult body, or organism behind both the catholic church, as high up as the Vatican, AND, the freemasons, up as high as the British monarchy.  Though the ties with them and many other international political dynasties and organizations are too complex for an amateur inquirier to ever to get sort out clearly.

Nevertheless, on 18th March last year, I met the loud Theosophical Society interjector again, when he and  another male, dragged me out of my ute, at gun point, just after 9.00am that morning, on the false claims and allegations that they had reason to believe I was the person they were looking for in relation to a crime recently committed.

One detective senior constable Robert Lowry, [9049 the number on the Queensland police badge he made sure I could read, for his putting it obviously exaggeratedly toward my face] is, allegedly this fool’s name, at least, that’s the name he gave me after they’d intimidated me, sifted loosely through my ute, clearly not for any other purpose than to harass me, for the ‘search’ consisted of the little constable CRAIG KABLE badge number 19552, climbing into the back section, sitting on my bed, and looking, like a sneaky child, into my cooking set-up, while not even looking at the rest of my possessions.

It took me a few years to recall that Lowry was the same person who came to a place in Gippsland where I was camping, and asked me questions about the place I was camping.  I in foolish innocence, told him about it.

It was where my ancestors had been mass murdered, and my Grand Father Donald Sutherland Willis, his adopted names, along with perhaps 20 of his Gunai Aboriginal siblings witnessed the extermination of their whole nation.

So the litle waterfall, and the beautiful, dreamy country around those hills, which I’d had to use many secreted clues to locate, was kinda special to me.

In my days at this Sacred place and Waterfall, I’d found walking tracks, which were overgrown, but were also obviously long trodden, for the tracks remained distinct beneath the brush, and wound down the gully next to the stream south of the waterfall and deep culvert of large volcanic rocks into which the water poured ceaselessly, causing a deep rumble to echo out and up the valley.

Also, I found sunken graves, long empty, around what was once a clearing, where I estimated the Tribes had used as one of their stop over areas.

Around the stream and waterfalls, for there were a series down the valley, were gradual slopes up the sides, and as I walked and wondered, looked at the pretty small flowers and other things, anything of the slightest interest I’d stop at, merely to absorb the sights of this place, where my Ancestors had dwelt for, some say, tens of thousands of years, with some others saying for closer to some 500 thousand years, I had various feelings about what had occurred there, some 110 years earlier.

It was hard.  I had a heavy heart, knowing that my own “Nature’s Gentleman” of a Grand Father had witnessed his People being massacred right there, along with a whole lot of others I knew as my Aunties and Uncles.

As my memories of their general, it seemed to me, a youngster, melancholy, came back, I could actually feel Aunt Mary’s warmth, and see Uncle Alf’s restrained tears falling down his cheeks, as “Pop” would try tell us in roundabout ways about their childhoods.  Even then, when they were both in the 70s or so, Uncle Alf, the most gentle considerate Man, was also a broken Man, from what he was caught in and saw, when he was perhaps 4 years old.

So, having finally, only a few months ago, come to realize this arrogant lying pushy Queensland punk of a copper, one Robert ‘the dog’ Lowry, who’d ordered me out of bed from the back of my ute in March last year, on totally spurious grounds, was the same idiot who marched his way around my most Sacred place on this earth, after having me tell of that tragedy, and made his dark theosophical society marks on that ground, I want him dead.

But alas?  What would that achieve?

It’s that sort of shit, from arrogant fools like Lowry, and Kable, etc., that make the police the least respected people on earth.

Who gave the order to terrorize me, Lowry?  Or are you a self-inflated black magician ‘gone rogue’, for the TS?

Why, you probably got a promotion for that.

That’s about 14 years of terrorism, by the police.  Yet I’m insulted with allegations from idiots, like him, when I say anything about the TS setting me up to be their false Jesus?  Just like they tried with one Indian lad in the early 20th century, “Krishnamurti” by name.

How sad, the rich are so stupid?  Indeed, were it that they were merely stupid!  Paying fools like Lowry and coy, to illegally stalk, terrorize and damage people, and keep them exiled, so some wealthy fools can stay on top of the pile of humanity, while humanity is reduced to shit, shows there’s a lot of quite insane people with far too much power in the police, and in religious cults.  And, in global politics.



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