Messianism is evil

140625 Messianism is evil


Catholics and other christian cults are joining together to ‘manufacture’ the mind of a victim, a puppet, with their abuses of witchcraft, to have that person only able to think and act in their deceitful, ‘holy’ ways.


Secrecy, denial and black magic, the abuse of the paranormal, occult powers against anyone helping him, by the willing participants, make this victim unable to escape their dark occult grip, prevent him from going to the police for assistance, or to any lawyer.


The Vatican and other major western cults are behind this plot, plan, conspiracy.


Bribery is the mainstay of their methods of persuasion, such that any who wants, and we know that christians are full of insatiable wants, is paid with the stolen wealth the churches have procured, to play along, and especially to continue to intimidate the victim, such that he is enraged.


All occult guides instruct that the safest means of defense against being assaulted by witchcraft, is to ‘stay calm’, to never get angry or excited, or agitated. Because falling into these states of mind, changes the glandular system in ways that ‘open’ the subtle portals of the glands, which are the portals and emission points of the one’s own occult energies. By opening them, they become the ventricles through which the black magician can ‘enter’ the targeted person’s subtle body, the occult body we all possess, and thereafter can control one’s thinking and thus, one’s life.


This has been enacted upon the particular victim of the catholic, and freemason cabal, since he was conceived.


He has never had it admitted as so, by any of his family. Some others, who have been strong enough, and awake enough to realize the disgusting nature of this maltreatment, have tried to alert the victim to this. But the church has it’s hold on him, and use his occult portals to project dark energies out to any who try to warn or help him. And when he lucks upon another who is not so weak as to be afraid of these attacks, from within his own aura, as-it-were, the cults set upon the others, and either threaten them, actually enact a crime against them, or bribe them into not helping the victim.


And, for 59 years the victim has been sent along a tough and winding road in life, suffering enormously. He estimates the enforced suffering to be the churches warped, lost, way of hardening him up, thus breaking the grip the happier life might have upon him. Also, to have him question the typical, ‘normal’ western 1st world culture and lifestyles, enough to find the facts about the deeply flawed and dangerous mindsets and culture as has grown out of the lost tribes of the judaic-christian traditions, but perhaps mainly out of capitalism as a political force.


And, the victim is certain, the harsh life the cults have ordained he lives, is because they want him to have little self-assurance or wish to remain alive, so being unafraid of death, is willing and able to go the distance and speak honestly about the evils of the days’ culture/s.


And evil they are. Exactly as this same venture is, disguised so as to be plausibly deniable, so that were he by some lucky break, to find a legal team strong enough, themselves not so entranced by their usual church schooling, and thus not vulnerable to all the methods the churches employ to get their way [which includes deploying severe and deadly occult powers upon any they deem as ‘enemy’, especially by ways of marginalizing them, defaming them and putting them into penury], were such a team able to assist him through the courts, and so put the case to against the churches, that they are in fact committing a gross human rights violation, the culprit cults would be found guilty of some of the most inhumane crimes against, not merely the victim, but against the whole human race.


The worst aspect of this actual case, is the crimes the church commits in bringing this gross falsity into the world, with such relentless force as to convince the mass of western, white christian-hypnotized and stupefied fools to believe this, and to actually participate in further marginalizing the puppet, while they are paid to so do, while they, the cabal of cults, are behind the endless array of war crimes and other tragedies going on by the hour across the planet.


“All in the name of Jesus!” they advertize.


“All in the name of the cultists’ own megalo-maniacal psychoses!” the victim responds.


I’m not sure of when the books were actually penned, referring to the life of the returned messiah. But in them, they say that Jesus comes back, but must be sent to Hell, for a while, then returns, is crowned and lives forever in Heaven.


If the victim is myself, as I have evidence to support, then this ‘being sent to Hell’ is the church so manipulating everything in his [my] life that I am living in Hell now. “For a while”, would apply to my last 30 years or so.


However, I am more inclined to believe that they have known the trouble they would face in ‘bending’ the victim’s mind until he breaks, and that with other aspects of how they sought to ‘train’ him, he would be hard to break.


As we’ve almost all been fooled, over almost all of the 20th century, to believe dark forces, political systems and gangs have risen, and threaten all of ‘Christendom’, I think the ‘dark forces’, have in fact been made manifest by the very same cults, for a complex series of reasons.


‘Hell’s Angels’, the feared outlaw motorcycle gang, one of them. This same gang, who are but the ‘civilian’ mercenaries for the American Freemason cult, has been integral in making my own life Hell, for over 4 decades now, and it is now quite clear, that they’ve been fully aware of my fate, and have willingly contributed to messing everything in my life around. Including, primarily their abuses of the occult powers on my mind.


So, not knowing anything about any actual ‘Hell’, other than assessing, from my own experiences and from my studies, that such an existence is most likely a state of mind, where one is so sadly in the hex of other occultists, such that they cannot free their mind of the evil grip any such cult would have on them, for whatever reason, or unreason, an apt description of such a ‘phase’ if not such a ‘time and place’ would be Hell, as has been marketed by the occult cults of this world.


I recently read a brief outline of how our Australian Aborigines, classify ‘life’. They too, have the three worlds, the earthly the higher realm and the nether world, I think is basically how they see/know them.


These have remained extant and uncorrupted by the most corrupted ‘northern’ Brit-European judiac-christian cultures and doctrines, so I regard them as Pure, and then, as True.


So I accept that if Bleck Fulla says so, then there is a ‘lower world’, which might, might…, fit the description the idiot cults of christianity call ‘Hell’. But I’d want more instruction from Bleck Fulla themselves about this, before concluding it as I have figured they mean it is.


It may still merely be a place where the mind travels or is sent, for transgressions in this or other lives.


But most of us know that the western, ‘modern’ cults of judaism and it’s branch offices of christianity and freemasonry, employ the idea of Hell mostly to frighten doubters or objectors to their creeds.


So again, all of it comes back to by how much of a grip the cult can have on the mind, or on the imagination of the victim, cum flocker?


So…, as I have evidence that I’m the poor sucker these desperate and long lost cults have picked to play their puppet cross-hanger, I am also clear they are issuing the most malignant occult powers my way, by the hour, to force me to play their game.


Australians are not an honorable People, by all accounts. My Step-Father, Allan Cook[-Meredith], the one of very few exceptions. So buying them off has been very easy, by both the various cults and their subgroup gangs etc.


But also, by all and any who oppose this delusional idea, of the returned Jesus. I obviously agree with these people who oppose this concept, especially for this false ‘invention’ of a returned messiah even said by Rome to be Jesus, that is, me, being the fabricated prophet.


And enjoy playing with the dark magic [whiteguy] Australians do, as it is in their blood, over the last 20 or so generations, since Australia was as much as terminally corrupted in 1808, in the ill-famed ‘rum rebellion’, driven and latched onto by the majority of new arrival invaders, the British convicts.


With the massive scale of genocide carried out by them, in the 1st 150 years, ongoing, the guilt – exposed and brought to trial or not – has also been passed down through the generations, especially in rural Australia.


So the vast majority of ‘rurals’ especially in regions the ‘citiphile’ politicians and cults have forgotten, have been left to their own blood-lusting desires, and cattle station mentalities, so, with news of my moving out here, north of Queensland’s capital, Brisbane, the locals have had a field day what with their new found occult, ‘Harry Potter’ cheap and childish, intellect-free and especially ethics-free magic.


I think I’ve been marketed by the local masons, and others, as the catholic devil, so get it from all of them. And low they are, in all senses.


My wost mistake, next to being conceived, then born, then moving to Nimbin NSW, was to move away from that shithole, and to Gympie, hoping I could forget all the past and start again.


An wholly horrible people, in general. Of course, there are those who were smarter, and still down to earth. But if they showed me any understanding, the trolls would swoop on them, and buy them off or thump them into submission.


So, all-up life, in Queensland, has been that described ‘Hell’. However, so has most of my life in Australia. Where the scribes had in mind, of those stories about what the ‘returned coat-hanger’ would have to endure Hell, we cannot know, I guess. Unless the inventions were recent, perhaps in only the 19th century, when, I speculate, this ‘returned Jesus’ myth was added to the christian story, for various reasons.


But a few things make it possible that they, or someone connected to the writing of these stories, was able to figure that ‘Hell’ was in a place below theirs. So, adding the ludicrous to, the ludicrous, it’s not out of the question that the inventors imagined Hell to be Australia. Which, for the Bleck Fulla, it now is! And, for almost anyone who retains any Honor, Honesty, and a will to not be corrupt, Australia certainly is a dark place. Because ‘geographically, and from the superiorist whiteguy ‘north’ of Britain and Eurape, Australia has always been looked down upon, and regarded as a ‘lower place, even simply because it is ‘south’ of their lands. Ludicrous? Yes. But, they are known to make such ‘ludicrous’ and simple-minded connections. Making this place the repository for their own lowest least wanted ‘classes’ – the convicts’ – has added to that stigma of us being lowly people, and not at all refined as to their upper class ways.


Of course, things change, so that is possibly out of date now, in the 21st century. But it was definitely an attitude when I lived in England in the 1970s.


But, to any connection to the myths the cults have created about their little lamb, Jesus the coat-hanger, having to go to Hell for a while, then to get out of Queensland free, and ascend to be crowned god in Heaven FOREVER.., no less, I put it that again, these things, ‘Hell’ and heaven’ are mere states of mind.


But that can be made manifest in geographical places.


Not the same for everyone, as in not everyone, of course, is subjected to such evil from these self-interested delusional, quite insane and power mad, malignant cults.


And if one avoids a life like mine, mine, where some frantically stupid and desperately evil group of witches who are self-hypnotized to think they are in personal touch with ‘the father’ god, and all his angels, etc., and thence are convinced of the rectitude of what some ghost commands they do, then they are quite able to find their own Heaven on earth, if only by being somewhat fortunate enough to not be born anywhere near a christian centre of power.


Cynical? Yep. However, wealth is great on earth, and to have some, usually does make life easier, and for the most part happier.


But that doesn’t infer one is or gets into a heavenly place here.


[And that begs the question of what exactly, assuming it does exist, IS heaven?]


Because the god-loving christians and jews invented war planes and bombs which they are quite willing to drop on anyone they don’t like. So you might be wealthy, and can afford a nice piece of remote real estate, but if you want true freedom, and not of their brand, they’ll find you and bomb the shit out of you. Often.


So one is highly skeptical of any christian references to either Hell or Heaven.


Therefore, accepting my fate, as their coathanger, and accepting that the myths about their puppet having to spend time in Hell, are simply more shit added to their predetermined fate of coatie, for the consumption and delusional wonder of the flock, I also deduce that life now, in Australia, is part of my alleged time in Hell.


Therefore, as these psycho witch cultists are stuck in their own pothole fanaticism, and seem unable to 1, be honest about their mistakes and utterly evil stupidities, and so 2, are self-obliged, actually solely out of pride, to stay on course with their evil manipulation of my pitiful being, they’ll have also to lift me out of Hell, out of their creation, and put me in heaven.


IF….? IF…., I submit, I guess, and start writing nice stuff about how Heaven is coming to YOU, and to YOU. But not to him, etc.


And, if I submit to their evil and stupid demands and go about fulfilling their evil, ridiculous anti-intelligent and anti-democratic plot, by awakening my own third eye, to become as tempted and I expect as magically stupefied as they have been for about 6,000 years. Since, I estimate, their fabled forefather and mothers’ fall from the Garden of Eden.


However, for all the evil stupidity they have sent upon me, making me what I now am, a fallen and psychologically busted bum, and a very DEFIANT one, with oodles of reason to DEFY their ignorance and brutality, as well as oodles of hexes from every one of their and other simpleton gangs to prevent me from even relaxing enough to gather the self-assuredness to go that little journey, and to ‘cross the bridge”, then to remain at ease enough to not be made agitated, thus sent into a vicious defiant rage, the pure reason and knowledge remains atop all of their desires, added to the integrity of not bowing to such a stupid and evil mob as christians, or jews, or freemasons, and knowing that if the planet and my species are to survive, we must do everything in our power to eliminate these false-god, false-messiah cults from the planet.


So the last thing we can allow to happen, is for me to fall into their tighter psychic grip and thence be foisted into any podium or pulpit as their Jesus.


They, the world’s wealthiest dynasties, the heads of these false-god, false-savior cults, who claim my descendentcy[?] really have to be put to the inquisitions’ bonfires, for the endless amounts of crimes and suffering, ignorance, pestilence, famine, war and general chaos they, yes, in their ignorance, have over some 16-plus centuries, committed against all man, animal, insect, vegetable and mineral!




In about 1993, I was lured by a false friend, a ‘workmate’, Richard Semp, by name [but I now cannot believe that was his actual name, and do believe he was/is a British agent, MI6, sent to exact further ‘conditioning’ upon me] to move in to a house he rented in Rosanna, a outer north-eastern suburb of Melbourne Australia.


While there, I was, as part of a long process, reviewing my life, and trying to get to the bottom of my insecurities and inconfidences.


One I reflected upon, which I came to believe still influenced my character, though not to any major degree [I thought?], was when my brother Don, called me, then about 10 or 12 years of age, and on reflection, a very underdeveloped child, into the family home bathroom. He was standing there with his penis fully erect, and he ‘asked’ me to suck it.


I objected, but knew nothing at all about sex, procreation, oral sex or, let alone pedophilia, and objected simply because, as I complained to him, “You’ll piss [or “wee”] in my mouth!”


Don had always been somewhat sadistic to me, his being 5 years older. It was not until I was 50 y/o, after a sad and bad trip to Melbourne to confront mum on my earliest confirmations about this plan to build me as a false messiah, that I became certain I was illegitimate, a bastard.


Much thought thereafter about all the ramifications surrounding such a ‘status’, were remembered, such as how catholicism looks down on bastards, and often as ‘evil’ children/adults.


Mum is catholic, Dad ‘converted’ before he married mum, as is the demand of the church. But our enforced/inherited creed was never mentioned nor actively practiced by mum or Dad. I, was sent to the local Anglican church St Augustine’s of Mont Albert, for my religious indoctrination, which by about 14 or so, I recall rejecting in a “C.E.B.S.’ [Church of England Boys Society, the Anglican equivalent of the Boy Scouts] night discussion with the junior leader, who was also charged with giving us some ‘light’ religious instruction.


I suppose, for a 1950s, 1960s Australian middle-class family we would have been regarded as more ‘secular’ than religious. But even that is an understatement, what with the facts as to what was going on behind my back in our house.


Nevertheless, my illegitimate conception and birth in 1955, to mum, who was a ‘catholic convent girl’, in fact – again never mentioned – mum was stolen by the church from her just previously widowered father, an Aborigine from Gippsland, at 11, possibly at 9 years of age – and kept in the Collingwood convent for some 5 or 6 years.


So, her being mentally conditioned as the convents have been want to do to their victim children, my being a bastard, was frowned upon. This is complicated by that being kept a secret from myself, and from myself alone, not only because of the ‘illegitimacy’ factor, but perhaps more, for the fact that mum connived with her extra-marital catholic lover, Boxer O’Brien, my genetic dad, to be caught in the act of conceiving me, by her hated step-grandfather, John Thomas Willis.


That is what happened, and it is clear also, that mum’s dark intention was to so shock him that he would die on the spot of an heart attack. Which he did.


So, the whole event, of my conception, was never gone to, by the family, for it’s complex let alone devilish seeds.


Don, being but 4 years old when I was conceived, I estimate was at kindergarten or primary school on the day, and would have come home, however, to the feigned sad scenes and perhaps even with “grandpop Willis’” corpse still in the house.


Mum would have, I guess, been lying about her sorrow.


But, how well she, and Boxer played out the scenes after that double-crime, and whomever else figured out what actually happened on that doubly-tragic day – 16th July 1954 – decided to ‘spin it’ and keep the secrets, it being the dark days of 1950’s Australia, mum’s shrouded catholicism, the backward beliefs about bastards being evil, by catholics, Don would as likely have picked up various aspects of my macabre and miserable ‘lesser’ being existence, and was induced to maltreat me as often as he could. Which he did.


Forcing me to suck his penis when I was 10 or 12 years of age, but one more of his maltreating me.


So…, in about 1993, in Rosanna, I was in contact with Don, as siblings are [though our family was for it all, extremely different to the norm], and let him know I was going through a ‘rough patch’ psychologically’, though not using that terminology I’d say.


He offered to pay for a return plane ticket to Perth Western Australia, for me to fly over and have a break, a holiday, with him and his family, Mavis and boy Allan.


I went. It was OK. We had a few laughs, and did a few things together as families having a sort of reunion do, then I flew back. It was shortly after that that I began further questioning and reviewing of my life, I think.


Although for as long as I remember, I’ve always asked and doubted myself and my own personality and behavior, and kept checks on my general mental health, as shallow as most of that was, with the hexes and clamps on my mind, and from lack of any training in the business of self-psycho-analysis.


So I wrote Don a letter, polite, not forceful, merely addressing his making me suck his penis when we were kids.


Not a good move.


In days he was over in Melbourne, and about all I recall is his marching in a serious way up across the front yard of the Rosanna house, and then talking to me about the letter. He denied everything about the event some 40 years earlier, and again, as I recall he threatened me, on the day, in our youth, he again threatened to kill me were I to mention this, the contents of the letter, to anyone else.


‘Pedophilia’ was not the news item it has become, even in 1993 or so.


So, I had no reason to dwell on Don’s behavior then, or since.


Until, a few years ago, well after I’d written constantly and at length, about pedophilia and about the need for victims of the church to stand up and be heard, to the various portals for journalists to go through, and after about 15 years of being marginalized, having lost, mysteriously, my high-potential business, and all business and social associations dried up, such that I was for 15 years homeless, shunned and actually chased by crims on motorbikes, ‘outlaw motorcycle gangs’, by common people, by all sections of society, beaten for no good or understandable reasons, that I made an unusual decision to leave the forest I was hiding nights in, now north of Gympie Queensland, and drive to a public overnight wayside stop to make myself my morning coffee.


I think I was given cause to get out of the forest that morning, for hearing the park’s ranger driving around.


But while making coffee, a young bloke, staying the night in the same spot, came over and engaged me in conversation. He dominated the chat, and steered it to the subject of a large worldwide pedophile ring, doing sad things to some fella he knew of, to stop the fella having a life, or such.


After I left, and drove on to the sheds I rent, did the penny drop, that I was his ‘fella’.


Thereafter I was plagued and riven with thoughts about the unusual males who were frequenting the sheds, and were clearly showing an interest, in intimidating ways, to myself.


But, also, about my brother. About, the mysterious and non-sensical ways I’d lost my business, my friends and associates, and in general, my ‘life’.




[As well, I figured later again, as the Hell’s Angels I actually mixed with briefly, before I went overseas and lived for 3 years in England.]


More weeks and months and now years, were spent deciphering the trail of tragedies in my life. The mates Don had when he was an air force cadet in Laverton Victoria in the 1960s, the mates he had when he joined the army. Etc.


One who I knew more than the rest, could have met Don when Don and he were air force cadets, because this other Don, Don Cureton took to the ‘electronics’ training the air force offered as a course, and became proficient in that field.


Funny how some chats stay with you life long. I recall but a few words of what brother Don said, I must have still been a teenager, one day, when he spoke of Don Cureton, saying that he’d gone very dark, or such, and Don said Cureton had adopted the name “Don Dark”.


Reviewing my memories of Don, once he’d left home and joined the air force then the army, I recalled they shared a flat in Mason Street Hawthorn, and one night, they came to our family home, drunk, and invited me to spent the weekend or such with them. They were allegedly so drunk, that they had me drive, which is a key to why I remembered the event.


But reviewing all those days, and places, and events, what with what they told me about how they messed around, it is clear, in hindsight, they had a ‘closet’ homosexual relationship.


When Curiton turned to being a pedophile, I’ve no idea of course. But Don’s telling he’d started calling himself “Don Dark” might be an indication?


Also, it might indicate that at that stage, after Don abused, at least my trust, in the bathroom in the early 1960s, that brother Don was not then also a pedophile. No doubt Curiton’s suggestions and witchcraft, quite possibly active on Don from earlier still, lured him in.


To that, I want to add, that when Don and possibly, and possibly importantly, Curiton were cadets, they attended RMIT [Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology] in Swanston Street Melbourne learning their electronics trade to be. One day the family got word that our Don had walked into a ‘No Standing’ sign on Swanston Street during lunch break, or so, and had knocked himself out and into a coma.


I’ve come to believe ‘comas’ ain’t all ‘comas’, and that they can and possibly often have been used by occultists to manipulate the victim’s mind, to condition them into later thinking believing whatever they’re programmed to.


Now, I think Don never recovered all his ‘beans’ after that coma event, when he was perhaps 17, 18 or 19 y/o.


So, as the family has been the victim of the church for, now, over 110 years, and as I’m the puppet they ‘selected’ and conceived and programmed to be this bullshit messiah, “Jesus” even, I have no doubt that Don was conditioned too, to play his part, in making me the miserable case I now am.


Another couple of brothers who are known here, are the brothers “Costello”. Peter and Tim.


Tim Costello is a fine fella, by all accounts, a minister for possibly the Baptist church in Australia, and has a name for being an advocate for a lot of social justice issues and causes, and is regularly enough in the media for his opinions, etc.


Peter, on the other hand, is ‘the dark brother’ in my eyes anyway. For he became the nation’s treasurer under the John Howard extreme right wing federal government from 1993 to 2007 or so.


I wrote about them, aiming my words Peter’s way, when he was treasurer, suggesting that this phenomenon, of the ‘good’ brother and the evil one is more common that society recognized, or admitted.


That this is the play of the cults, for whatever end they perceive as worthy, and unwittingly, brothers and such, can travel different paths in life, while at-once, be effective upon how the other travels.


In my case and Don’s now, there is no doubt that this has been the case. Don’s walking, when with his mates, possibly with Curiton, into the pole on the street, knocking him into the coma, if not quite deliberately effected, by either Curiton, whom I quite believe was a witch even as a teenager, or by our darling catholic/freemason cabal, who have run our families lives since they massacred my great grand parents in Aborigine Gippsland around 1900.


That is more than likely, as Curiton, it turns out, is also from the Gippsland Aborigine Nation, Don and my mum’s father was from. The Gunai-Gurnai-Kurnai Nation. I have never been allowed to discuss that with the family. When I tried, I was met with argumentative shouting me down. But, the evidence, is clear as day. But that Curiton is from the same, so probably has similar stories and/or secrets about his own immediate families being either massacred or such, opens things to it being possible that he was wittingly or not, brought into this charade, to play more of a part than Don or I knew, at first?


However, from the day of by conception, Don’s life, and all the families, and neighbors, changed. Don, I think, was for it all, sent on a wild and somewhat crazy path, even though he survived and made something of a life and family for himself.


But, with all the awry events effecting Don, there’s no doubt he went off any steady path, and also, becoming a pedophile, led on and probably forced to follow the army’s directives which, I quite believe, went as far as running international pedophilia networks across the South East Asian region into Australia.


So…, for many evil people, cults and family members, my fate is miserable. And the worst thing, is that any number of really selfish, and extremely dangerously stupid, as-in ‘entranced’, hypnotized, white Australians are all-too-eager to join in the game of making me into their puppet Jesus.


Bus tours to my forest hideout, in the dark morning hours, to loiter around and ‘haunt’ my ute, and my physical being, entering my ‘dream-space’, is making some local bus company rich.


The catholics love it, up as far as the Vatican, because it traps me into never being freed of their evil manipulation.


And, Don is not in prison, because, even with him being ‘dobbed-in’ by me in November 2013, he was given an escape route, on the condition that he dob in those he’d been in the pedophile network with. One place the dysfunctional Don did NOT want to end up, was in an Australian prison. Pedophiles are NOT liked in most of them.


So he’s since ‘swapped sides’ so now works for the catholics, in ensuring me, the unwanted bastard brother, remains in Hell, before, as they lie, I return and go to Heaven, as king.




Hate is one way the occultists can have you vulnerable to their energy, of manipulation.


To hate, is to be jailed, metaphorically in one’s own psychic darkness, albeit imposed by such as this evil cult’s want to fabricate a Jesus, exactly as they did to the real Jesus, if of mythology only.


Today’s catholic pope, ‘Francis’ bleats still, that Jesus has also save Atheists.


I suspect he’s read my Google Plus conversations comments, and or my blog posts, which went briefly and in only one or two, to the logic, however flawed for still essentially having this false savior ideology beneath it, that had it that ‘a person can still be a christian, without having to believe in god’.


Quite reasonable and logical. If still dangerously short on what we do actually require to ‘be saved’, which is our own Intellect. No different at all to any wise ass Jesus dudes.


But hey! He’s only a poope, so we mustn’t expect any real intellect in or from him.


Cunning? Yes! Opportunistic? Yes! Plagiarist? Yes! Demonic? Yes! Oppressive? Yes! Et cetera!


But, the head of darkness, Intelligent…? Hohoho…!




If enough ‘christians’ of today muster courage and financial security to desert all dependence on the churches, we might see the end of that evil organization, the end of bullshit myth-making, and the world might finally grow up and out of the cultural hexes these malignant cults have imposed.


One can only describe their ignorance, jewish, catholic protestant, freemason and their offshoot cults, as evil.


Trying to write even, the opposite, of how Human Beings once were, and should be, is very hard and often is impossible for some, me included, because the cults have stolen the world of intelligent thinking minds and souls. All so they can claim the trophy, of being the winning cult, albeit utter utter evil bullshit.


This, is what Islam fights against.


This, is what Adolf Hilter’s Nazism fought against.


This, is what Communism, fights against.


This, is what ‘Paganism’ fought against.


This, is what Science needs must shatter, back to the dust of lost minds, whence it all came.


This is what Reason, Intelligent application of our own Sovereign, Higher Mind, must fight against.


The Higher Mind, that-is, of the Scientific Atheist.


The western ‘false-god’ religious cults, have, to now, ‘won’ so much control of media, of politics and thus, of most of your minds, as to be able to win the propaganda war of fooling the masses, or through bribery, into thinking this evil way. That a central figure is superior to us all.


Selfish, greedy, wasteful, opulent, egomaniacal, ANTI-Democratic monarchs, the principals if inefficiency and maldistribution, survive because of this ‘christian’ lie.


They survive, by keeping the vast majority of us ignorant of our own Intellect, our own portal to Wisdom, and thus, to Genuine Spiritual Freedom.


And I guarantee, most all of them are in truth, atheists, but keep the veneer of theism, merely to keep a flock.


The rest of us, OCCUPY Wall Streets’ “99%’, are sent into ‘intellectual poverty’ and thus into slavery, to never releasing ourselves from the madness of this awry culture and world, always having delusional ambitions to be wealthier ourselves, always at the evil expense of the wealth of our own People, and at the expense of the commonwealth, of the common weal, of life generally on earth, yet, with none of us ever actually being Happy and content, because of this filthy lie about Jesus the ‘Sun king’, returning and saving us.


Islam, Communism, Science, and in fact, Nazism, or National [now ‘Global’] Socialism, Paganism, and Atheism are not the enemies of Humanity’s Self-fulfillment.


Quite the opposite.


Western ‘theism’ and ‘christianity’ are.


Forcing people into not thinking critically, or to not thinking in hateful terms and thoughts, as is how the christians are forcing me to succumb to their want of me, is indicative of how off the path and how dangerously lost, how malignant, the western power cults are.


If we are only allowed to think pleasant positive thoughts, we stymie critical, not-always-happy, thinking, and for refusing in that way, to entertain negative thoughts about any proposed way, or creed, or policy or culture, we allow those who are not all good to take over and destroy what actually is worth preserving or instituting. We also fail to discern the flaws in our own optimism, and optimistic plans.


This latter line, is exactly how the dark sides of the species has led us all into the ditch/pit/abyss. And, by no coincidence, those ‘dark sides’ always employ religious terms and allusions to sway us, to lull us into a stupor.


“The road to Hell, is paved with good intentions” might be alluding to the same misuse of language and allegedly positive terms and thoughts.


Too much optimism. Not enough Realism!


If we are alert enough to see something that is bad for us or for the larger group, enough for us to do something active, to the extent of war, to slay or put it back whence it came, then pleasant, passive thinking will not stop it.


Any person finding themselves to be a Warrior, against ignorance, or against anything that is known to be a threat, cannot defend themselves, their group, or summons the nice thoughts to stop the perceived enemy, simply by thinking positively and optimistically.


‘Anger’ antipathy, negativity toward that invader, toward that ignorance of the larger colder reality, is necessary, merely to stand against it, let alone to slay it.


Those who market ‘love’ and ‘kindness’, passivity and non-violence are naïve fools, and better kept well away from all debates, fights and voting, electoral processes.


For if we were all such gentle lambs, the lions, the bulls of ruthless mercenary forces, will simply decapitate us as we sit Meditating, praying or hiding from and ignoring the Fight.


So, when I’m driven by occult christians into a feeling of hatred, against them, so they can ply my soul with their stupidity of “Jesus’ love”, and hopefully further make me suffer, stupidly believing that one day I’ll wear out and fall to my knees surrendering to their beliefs about myself, purely for their own egoistic satisfaction, the fools laugh their ignorant and cowardly self-satisfied laugh, not seeing the rectitude and reason for my rejection of their egocentred desires.


These types of people are the biggest threat to all life and to all enduring culture.




If a person is a ‘Spiritual retard’, they are an ‘Intellectual retard’, because it is only by the Intellect that we gain Wisdom, and by Wisdom we attain to a True and Pure ‘Spiritual’ state.


It’s obvious today, that many people are not at all intelligent, for the slovenly and slavish lives they lead, led by advertizing to believe in the most dangerous and stupid things. And who does not realize that ”advertising’ is but hypnotism, magic, or, ‘faith’?


So, without their Intellect being active, or awake, they are not able to employ the mental faculties correctly, so are also mental retards.


So, if they are brutes, they will fight. But always they’ll fight for the wrong reasons and causes, not having the intelligence to discern which ‘side’ they should be on.


Sure, those of us who’re smarter, will usually turn and walk away from such brutal attitudes. But with an over-populated planet, we cannot now just walk away, because these fools are all over the place. We have to know, that they are rapacious, incessant and out of control of their own minds, so will and do cover as much as they can to ensure their ignorance is everywhere,


So, we have to know 1, what to fight, and what to vote for, and 2, be able to fight, when the time comes.


And, when push gets to shove, we will not win if we are merely reactive, with no solid bases upon which to stand.


In this ‘great war’, it is of the mental levels, more so than of the physical level. So our best defense and weapon is the Intellect, which is the singular means by which we can also hone to perfection, the physical attributes, such as the Eastern Martial Arts, etc.


But, in terms of ‘what’ we fight for, the most intelligent policies stand best and longest.


So we must know that what we stand for is true. I put it that that will see us victorious over all who choose, out of ignorance – the brutality of ignorance, in war.


And theism and christianity are of the side of ignorance, because they demand we surrender our own intellectual thinking, discerning faculties over, and leave all wars in the hands of the centrists. The monarchists. The ones who maintain the most evil distribution laws on earth.


Reason, and the time and space to understand both sides of such a ‘debate’ ‘feud’ ‘war’, is the best way and weapon.


However, all who have tried with reason, soon learn the spellbound cannot equate in their minds with reason, so the fight on the verbal level, is pointless.


“Wipe the dust from your feet, and walk on!” and concern yourselves with other battles.


What happens with the idiot? They do the same, but in ignorance, go on spreading their stupidity, trying to dupe others into their dark unbalanced ways of thinking.


So, they too, increase their ‘teams’ their ‘armies’ and we have larger enemies to deal with, up the track?


So, because the laws of the day are so awry, wherewith they actually protect the most ignorant and evil, were we to simply, and impartially slay those who are unable to understand why reason is crucial and that it alone leads to proper, equitable laws, we the Righteous, would be carted off and imprisoned, convicted for slaying evil!


How do we then, go about making correct, the laws?


Not to be allowed to kill idiots, though we wish. But, it is because laws are so badly corrupt that the world ‘breeds’ idiots. And to that, I suggest that idiots are made, they are not naturally created. And they’re made by evil, or bad laws about what and how we teach people. But perhaps mostly by what we do not teach.


Where are we most effective, in fighting this, in fact, utterly stupid war?


“Internet wars?”


Street protests?


Can anyone really trust the mainstream media to take on the REALPolitik issues with honesty and without biased, bigoted self-interested agenda?




And while the alternative and in some quarters more honest media is growing globally, so too are the forces who counter and kill it.


Somewhere, someday, somehow, people will have no option but to raise their swords against each other.


The war will be between the weak, who have not sought to know the facts, nor to find the true ways we are meant to live, but have been so stupid as to take the silver and be lame, ignorant selfish cowardly turds, who think, as best they can, that using witchcraft against the righteous will be enough.


But witchcraft is the antithesis of Intelligence?


And centrist, monarchist religion is witchcraft.


Enter, the notion, of the anti-christ.


People, blind christians, think the antichrist is a person. A single human with such dark beliefs and occult power enough to destroy the world.


Such is their lack of logical thinking. Such stupidity is solely the product of the centrist christian religions, who, with every word uttered from the mouths of the priests, travels into the mind of the usually ‘humbled’ listener, a toxic occult load of limiting bewitching spells, killing the listener’s own discriminative, intellectual faculties, and, the worst aspect, drilling into them ‘spells of belief’ – blind belief in whatever the priest tells them.


Hence, such is the ‘believers’ lack of logical thinking.


Because to be ‘antichristian’, as well as being a True Democrat, it is to be against the centrist policies of anti-Democratic monarchy, of christianity, of having but one central figure, monarch, having power [of law, and of knowledge] over everyone else.


So it, an antichrist, by that basic fact, cannot be one person, otherwise they would, to antichrists, be the christ, would be antichristianities’ ‘savior’?


So, any ‘antichrist’ can only be something of ‘a Mass Movement’, of a collective of people who understand the dangers of centrist ideologies such as christianity.


And, again, by it’s nature, it would be of the kind where all of it’s ‘adherents’ place their own Intellects as the primary source of knowledge, and with their own Intellects, seek and find the knowledge of how we do best live together.


And, in keeping with an anti-centrist scientific set of policies and rules, etc, they know also that centrism sustains it’s grip over the masses by holding secret the fundamental knowledge we all need to know to live the most economically, together.


So spreading all the necessary knowledge is essential, [necessary that-is, for the most economical, efficient, healthy, safe and friendly governance] and best, so we can all know what we need, down to the most practical most honest levels of government, and of means to sustain and finance government.


If everyone knew these basic, quite beautifully scientific and simple facts, none of us would need ‘faith’ in higher powers, or in large governments or centrist cults, to protect us.


We would all know our places in contributing to government of our own economics and that of the world, locally and globally.


That would also extend into locals knowing their duties to themselves, whom art the whole of us, and would know who of them they need to have ever ready as Warriors, be-they military or civil, physical or clerical, as-in policy-wise.


And then, knowledge would be ever free and, with right-minded lifestyles, again, made so by all having the knowledge, over mere, corruptible faith, unlimited by false and controlling cultures, to all, so, I posit, admittedly in Utopianisms, to so imbue it, to so inculcate it, so ‘inculturated’, that thinking, questioning, guesswork, experimentation, trials and optimism, would also be almost unnecessary.


That, Common Economic and Psychological Knowledge, is the antichrist.


Hardly a demon.


But very much a demon to the evil centrist cults and monarchist powers, and governments, all of whom prosper off our ignorance and lack of access to – knowledge.


So, if you doubt this, look at all the cults, small and large, who have gone their own ways, and how they make war against those who know what they [the cults’ leaders], know?


Look at how they maltreat those within their cults who Dissent. Or even ask unwanted questions.


Oppression. Brutal maltreatment. Suppression of, knowledge. Keeping them isolated, becoming more and more isolated themselves, from the rest of the equally ignorant, lost, insane and evil society.


And, they always end with a leader, proclaiming they are their savior.


Messianism, christianity, is evil.


The antichrist is the Knowledge, of True and Just Economic and Spiritual, as-in Psychological, Laws.


Know Yourself. Know your Allies.


“The Savior” is Knowledge!


That any one bloke might have the ingredients to put these types of facts together, and you come across it, makes them not, a, nor ‘the’, messiah.


They have only learned the same Eternal, Laws, Laws of Physics, of Nature, of Ourselves, of how we think, of how we Commune, from myriad other Ordinary, Inquiring People of the past, and they, from the same before them, etc and on into the oldest times.


And, they, are Legion!


This Sublime Knowledge brings with itself, the Intellectual abilities, if we study it with Proper Dedication and Intellectual Integrity, enough to also at-once know the [Divine] Equation, fitting ‘us’ into the confined space we call ‘the planet’,


Any, whose records of this, you might come across and read, have been fortunate [though, usually at some cost] enough to have time to, and to relish learning also, how to compose these types of things, laws, and knowledge, into such compendiums that you, who come across them, can read, relish, imbibe and remember the knowledge, also, are not superior, nor gods, nor saviors.


They are innumerable, and have existed as often, amongst us forever. Rather than them being superior, it is actually you who are fools. Especially to regard them as superior.


Therefore, it should be very easy to deduce, that christians who place faith in some super hero, come back from the tomb to save them, are not to be trusted, in terms of ‘voting’, in electing leaders, or even running chook raffles, because they have not followed that “Road Less Traveled” yet, into their own Soul, to find and regularly educe the Wisdom of How we are made and meant to be.


So we must definitely not trust them when they say “Look! The messiah is come, and is staying over there! Go and see, for yourselves!”


Because you can be certain they are evil and are being paid to believe and to say such rubbish.


Sooo christian…..



The savior, is Knowledge.


So, go figure, which institutions keep the Economic and Spiritual Knowledge from us? Which cults divide society into ‘classes’, with the wealthiest being given the ‘exclusive’ knowledge in their ‘exclusive’ schools, colleges and universities, thus higher incomes, thus ability to afford to buy the best land, etc., and the poorest in Public Schools, given not?


And that extends beyond ‘economic’ knowledge, into all facets of ‘professions’ and trades, on what makes and keeps societies, cities and states, running.


The messianic cults! The judaic and christian religions.


Know Thine enemy!




The savior, is Knowledge.


While Knowledge is not shared openly, with everyone, we remain divided, at war with ourselves, and doomed.





Brayakooloong Gunai Indigenous Outlaw



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