“The Justiflyer!”

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This, or something similar, would be my home, were I able to finish it.  [Honestly, but a dream.  But the ‘living’ unit is half-built, and has been on back of my Holden Rodeo ute.]

Here’s a pic of the unit off the ute,



I’ve been ‘on-the-road’ for 20 years in less salubrious forms of transport/home, and would really like a Humane person to make available somewhere I can work without disturbance on completing this, less-than-half done project.

Anyone willing to lease me a workshop/shed, anywhere between Melbourne Victoria and the New South/Queensland border in Australia, for at least one year, at say, $200/wk [give-or-take] , 100sqm minimum, NOT in a flood zone, can leave a message here, thanks.

I’d ask they are open to not-mainstream culture, Honesty, Pro-Environmentalism. Vegetarianism, the constant nurturing of the Intellect, but are NOT within say, 100klms of Nimbin, northern NSW.


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