Has our species gone insane?


No question.

Look around!

100% of people accepting the mainstream western modern culture, make it so.  And prove my point.

Using it, the large majority of product from the mainstreams western manufacturing and marketing industries, without taking compensatory action, is insanity.

Proof, is to speak out on that issue.

One will be regarded by the overwhelming majority, as insane.  One or more of them will immediately call the police, then to make their ad hoc case, will exaggerate and lie to make you out to be right off the planet, even were you to speak eloquently, politely, with sentient, obvious points, even were one to provide, say [were this to occur on a western city’s or town’s mainstreet] leaflets showing survey or website or government statistics, information and conclusive arguments, some number of them, addicted mindlessly as most are, to the most destructive products available in this ‘free market’, would not hesitate to encourage the police to have one carted-away and incarcerated in an asylum.

My own family have threatened and actually done that to myself in the years passed.


Must go now – battery’s low.  But IF I can, I’ll return to this issue, and expand upon it.


In the meantime, think hard about your own addictions to western culture, and whether you, or those around you, who condone and encourage our abuses as per the culture generally, are sane, or quite, quite insane?


You will NOT be happy with what you, and an HONEST self-assessment, will find.



Just Defiance

Brayakooloong Gunai Indigenous Outlaw



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