140507 My Wordpress 1st Post Intro

Democracy is dangerous, if the People are stupid

It asked for a quote, so I wrote the one that came 1st, to mind. One I pieced about 20 years ago.

This, my justdfy.wordpress.com blog, is because I’ve been using Google’s blogspit for over 12 years, and am wary and tired of Google, as it’s become, as they do, huge, and so, somewhat NWO-ish.

Blogspit has been generally V good, ATC. [Hopefully, WordPress’s typing software is better though, as blogspit’s was terrible, even though it had a wide variety of options, most just visual pretty-ups???]

But, as I’m notorious, so known to the big guy authorities, and as I know much of my life is under their control [think “MK Ultra”], so my internet comms are ‘handled’, I came to the conclusion 3 years or more ago, that my blog pages were quite possibly not even being put onto the internet for public perusal. [I have NO doubt that Google is very manipulative and controlling. However, that may not be totally so, as they own YouTube and other sites, which don’t seem to censor much, like the recent political uproar in the Ukraine, which showed evidential videos exposing the western media and authorities as liars, etc.]

This and other possibilities, like from experience, many news items I’ve found and read online, and other sites where I look to buy stuff, turn out to be incorrect in several ways. So, recently I heard that clever-dicks online, can fabricate sites, if they want to manipulate the information, or such, and so they can with ease create ‘mirrored’ websites, to limit the information a targeted person receives, thus, believes.


Hence, my latest and most appropriate, and most satisfying pseudonym – JUST DEFIANCE.

But, as this has been how my pathetic life has been for at least the last 2 decades, I have not gone to other blog sites, like WordPress, et al, for not wanting the dicks to follow me and buy-off the WordPress ownership, etc.

So, not that I have any ‘tangible’ way of knowing if they do, or have, [which they do, and will – try], for my being tired of Google generally, I’m very sad to, for my 1400-plus blogposts to the blogspit site since 2002, but have weighed it for a while and think I must change ‘owners’ as-it-were.

Also, for recent obvious incursions and severe disruptions by the major religious cults into and against the “Atheism” conversation pages on G+, a blatantly bigoted American and/or pro-American readership, and group of moderators, and a strange [but knowing as little as I do about how these can and are best to work, I can’t knock it] “owners” group, which seems to be typically arranged to gravitate to being a ‘centrist’ autonomy of [pro-corporate] megalomaniacs, and a very ‘self-satisfied-with-right-wing-corporate-control-and-warped,-clearly-mentally-ill-beliefs’ beneath many other regular contributors and commentors in the G+ Conversation pages, of fanatical, subversive and deranged capitalism, after reading and commenting on the various G+ pages for but a year, I’ve had enough of the really sad-cum-ill others there.

So, at-once, more recently, becoming dispirited about life on earth generally, and about my own miserable existence, I haven’t posted my usual couple or more a day to that blog page – http://www.maxearth.blogspot.com.au – nor to the other one – http://www.justdefiant.blogspot.com.au .

But my DEFIANCE still burns, against the psycho’s who’ve set to messing with my life, and with everyone’s really.

If it burns enough to have me begin a new virtual life on WordPress blog pages, is yet to be seen?


So… “HELLO?” New WordPress Order! [Joke.]

What would be excellent, would be that I could seamlessly transfer all my 1400-plus blog posts [plus from my other blog] over from the blogspit page to this one!

THAT…! Could fire me back up, a little bit?

But my computer skills and far worse, my internet and stuff-skills are about zero, so unless a really really 1, patient, 2, tolerant, 3, well skilled, WordPress techie sees this and want sot help, I guess they’ll have to stay with the fascists in California?

If…? I stay with WordPress, and am re-invigorated to post my inimitably ‘different’ writings, the less mainstream will have also to become used to my style, and persistence in say, posting a long ‘signature’ at the end of each post.

We’ll see whadappens, aye?


Brayakooloong Gunai Indigenous Outlaw


All Praise the Immortals!
All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
Fighting for a Just World!

from the Traveling 4×4 Tent of


Commander Notorious
General Blue Meanee
Captain Nightmare
General War Pig


BleckGreen Red

Wisdom Intelligence – Honor





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