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I, JUST DEFIANCE, live now, against most things mainstream today, because a proper analysis proves most things modern are bad for the mind, body and future elevation of the being out of the pit that is western civilization.

Conceived by charlatans [the Theosophical Society] to play their perceived role as a ‘world teacher’, the same British elite’s cult which tried the same folly on an Indian person “Krishamurti” in the early 20th century, [but failed because he, his Indian family and local society saw their utterly ridiculous plans, and stopped playing their game], and decided sterner means were necessary to pull this gross deceit off.

So they started by massacring an whole Nation of Australian Indigenous True Fella Peoples, the Brayakooloong Gunai, of Victoria, stole some 20 young children who survived [my Grand Uncles and Aunties, and my Grand Father, “Donald Sutherland Willis”, the name he was ‘given’], raised them as white people, had them breed, then stole another child – my mum – locked her in a convent for six years, ‘conditioned’ her, to being their mother of Jesus, 20th century version, and pumped him, aka, myself, full of deceits trying to have me think I was Jesus.

Ooops! ANOTHER wealthy, thus intellectually-retarded, spoiled-rotten [white] cult, failing – AGAIN!

After 59 years, with the rest of the family quite insane, and perverse for it, but very well protected by the Vatican, and all police forces, no less, and very wealthy for it, me, completely exiled for 19 years to now, police and other ‘authorities’ ignoring my sane, evidence-supported claims, I FIGHT, nevertheless, no matter which spoiled, deranged and cowardly liar accuses me of being nuts, etc.

An honest assessment of those I fight, basically everyone of the western, judaic-christian mainstream of bribe-taking imbeciles, well supported by facts, is that the most of them are quite quite insane, so, deserve medication or incarceration. Certainly sterilization.

Basically, on average, I do not like you anymore, white-skinned ones especially, apart from the humor you provide me with your utterly insane antics and assertions.

To those who challenge this, my proof is in your politicians and culture, in your free markets and consumer societies, in your beliefs and, overwhelming levels of ignorance about your own core being, and that you are so stupid as to believe you can maintain absolute untruths without ever suffering a reaction.

Good luck.

For those who prefer Intelligence over witchcraft, and are interested in some grizzly facts about the main western religious cults, and the extents they will descend to, to fool you and mankind, I have used Google’s ‘blogspot’ blogger pages for over 10 years now, posting dangerous truths about myself, my travails and this sojourn I’m on on Earth, fighting for most of you, lame idiots though you do appear now to me to be.

For most of that ten years, I knew for various times, my blog posts were not being made available to the public internet view, and I was so oppressed by the cult’s-plural occult, that I could not do anything to escape.  However, I persisted, if only for nothing else to do, and because I value employing the intellect to remain sane.  And, sadly, perhaps, I’ve come to enjoy hanging shit on mainstreamers.

Now, I still do not know if these blogs reach public viewing, but other means still work, so I persist.

My other blog pages are;



www.forthepolicerecord.blogspot.com.au  [I think?]

I have started this WordPress site, out of disdain at Google, you know, the usual Dissident’s Dutiful Defiance and antipathy against ‘the corporation’ of which Google, or ‘Gog’ is a part.

However, with all my vitriol at them over time, and my maintaining that working in such fields of employ, constantly ‘inventing’ software programs, etc., [Google driver-less motor vehicles??  I mean, needs-must?? Merely because there’s a lame egomaniacal consumer market for junk ideas, makes them NOT necessarily healthy prods to make, Eric!] spending far too long in ‘the virtual world’, purely to stay in a job and in business, does end by having the geeks quite insane, I am not so arrogant as to not recognize that their products are amazing, fabulous even, and manage to Salute their Geeks for that.   But, “the silly ideas club”, exposes the madness of too liberal a cRapitalist system, methinks.

However, “addictions” within those fields of employ will show their ‘dark sides’ in time, I’m sure.

I don’t know anything more than “one-zero-zero-zero-one-one” etc a la programing, however, I do suspect that with magik also a major part of their ‘drive’, they are reprogramming their own minds into something quite NOT human.  And, not something they’ll forever be able to control, if they have ever, to now?

However, since finding out how much I myself am programmed, I say this from my own peculiar, and very possibly NOT Human position.


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